Micro High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge TGL-18

TGL-18 is helpful for routine application in biotechnology, PCR, life science, clinical labs, etc. This is suitable for routine sample analysis in Medical, Hospital, and Institutional laboratories. With a wide choice of rotor heads and adapters, this unit is truly versatile.

Micro High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge TGL-18

Features of Micro High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge TGL-18

  1. Stainless steel chamber, compact structure, can use 8 different capacity rotors.
  2. Safety Interlock system that prevents opening the centrifuge lid during running.
  3. 10 programs can be stored, and quickly recall the last used program.
  4. Imbalance sensor, Over speed and over temperature cut off
  5. Easy operation, LCD touch screen, compressor control.
  6. Accurate temperature control, ranges from -20℃~+40℃
  7. With Emergency lid lock release, in case of power off.

Specifications of Refrigerated Centrifuge TGL-18

ModelTGL-18Speed  Accuracy±10rpm
Max Speed18500r/minTimer Range0~99min
Max RCF19920xgMotorConvert motor
DisplayLCD touch displayNoise≤60dB(A)
Max Capacity36 x1.5/2mlPower SupplyAC220v&110V 50Hz 18A
Temperature Range-20℃~+40℃Dimension540x340x312mm(L*W*H)
Temperature Accuracy±1℃Weight40kg


图片4 8No.1

Max Speed:18500r/min

Capacity:12×0.5ml AR

Max RCF:19920xg

图片4 8No.2

Max Speed:16000r/min

Capacity:12×1.5/2.2ml AR

Max RCF:17800xg

图片2 14No.3

Max Speed:14000r/min

Capacity:24×1.5/2.2ml AR

Max RCF:18860xg

微信截图 20220720150827No.4

Max Speed:15000r/min

Capacity:3/2×8×0.2ml PCR tube

Max RCF:14750xg

图片7 2No.5

Max Speed:11000r/min

Capacity:36×1.5/2.2ml AR

Max RCF:10800xg

图片3 9No.6

Max Speed:16000r/min

Capacity:18×0.5ml AR

Max RCF:15450xg

图片6 副本No.7

Max Speed:12000r/min

Capacity:12/8×5ml AR

Max RCF:10560xg

图片5 4No.8

Max Speed:12000r/min


Max RCF:11060xg

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