Nano Spectrophotometer – Micro Spectrophotometer

What is Nano SpectrophotometerMicro Spectrophotometer?

Nano Spectrophotometer also known as Micro Spectrophotometer, is a very important type of Spectrophotometer in analytical instruments, which is often used for protein quantification and quantification of bacterial growth concentration. The Nano/Micro spectrophotometer is an instrument that uses spectrophotometry for quantitative and qualitative analysis of substances. It is often used for the quantification of nucleic acid, protein quantification, and bacterial growth concentration.

Nano Spectrophotometer

Features of Nano/Micro Spectrophotometer

  1. The required sample volume is small, only 0.3~2μL.
  2. With 1mm, 0.5mm, and 0.05mm three optical paths (motor control automatically selects the optical path), the sample does not need to be diluted, and the measurement range can reach 50 times that of a conventional spectrophotometer.
  3. Xenon flash lamp is a light source, with long life and stable performance.
  4. No need to preheat can be tested at any time.
  5. While displaying the absorbance value, the program directly gives the concentration value (nucleic acid, protein, and fluorescent dye).
  6. Platform material: stainless steel and quartz fiber, small size.
  7. Data can be transmitted via a USB port or network. Start anytime to save data permanently, built-in WIFI provides remote assistance, and unlimited printing test results.
  8. The built-in detection system, a high-definition touch screen.

Applications of Nano/Micro Spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometer has become a routine instrument in modern molecular biology laboratory. Nucleic acid quantification is the most frequently used function of the Nano spectrophotometer. It can quantify oligonucleotides, single-stranded, double-stranded DNA, and RNA dissolved in a buffer. The other wide range of important applications are as follows:

  • Research laboratory
  • Hospital
  • Biological laboratory
  • Chemical laboratory
  • Environmental testing
application of Nano Spectrophotometer

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