Vertical Autoclave

What is Autoclave?

Autoclave is an instrument that can kill or remove all microorganisms on the medium, including bacterial spores and non-pathogenic microorganisms. There are usually three methods moist heat disinfection, dry heat disinfection, and chemical disinfection. This series is a high-pressure steam sterilizer, which uses saturated pressure steam to quickly and reliably sterilize and sterilize items. It is suitable for medical and health, scientific research, agricultural, and other units. It can sterilize medical equipment, glassware, solution culture medium, mushroom planting substrate, etc.

vertical autoclave

Features of Vertical Autoclave

  • High-quality SUS304 stainless steel material
  • Light indicate working status
  • Temperature and time of sterilization can be set.
  • Water lack auto-protection
  • Overpressure auto-discharging
  • Over-current auto-protection
  • Over temperature auto-protection
  • A drying function can be added (best large than 75L)
  1. Good sterilization effect: the steam sterilizer can inactivate the microorganisms in the article in a short time, and the sterilization effect is good.
  2. Easy to operate: The steam sterilizer is easy to operate, just put the items into the sterilization chamber, and then set the sterilization time and temperature.
  3. Safe and reliable: The steam sterilizer has multiple safety protection measures, such as over-temperature protection, pressure protection, automatic drainage, etc., to ensure the safety and reliability of the operation process.

Applications of Vertical Autoclave

Steam sterilizers are mainly used in medical and health, life sciences, food processing, and other fields, such as hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers, food processing enterprises, etc. It can sterilize various items, such as medical devices, medicines, petri dishes, test tubes, syringes, infusion sets, food, etc.

application of autoclave

Customer Feedback on the Vertical Autoclave

DW-B75L Digital Vertical Autoclave

How to Choose Vertical Autoclave Model?

Please let us know what items you want to sterilize, what capacity you need, and what voltage you use. We will recommend a specific model for you.

Series DW-B DW-B Digital DW-B Hand Wheel Digital
Volume 35L-150L 35L-150L 35L-100L
Working temperature 115-129℃ 100-134℃ 100-134℃
Working pressure 0.145-0.165Mpa 0.22Mpa 0.22Mpa
Time scope 0-80min 0-999min 0-9999min
Power AC220V/50Hz / AC110V/60Hz AC220V/50Hz / AC110V/60Hz AC220V/50Hz / AC110V/60Hz
Picture DW-B DW-B-Digital DW-B Handwheel Digital

Order Process

order process


– We are a factory.

  • Usually, MOQ is 1 piece.
  • The general MOQ differs greatly between different products if there is no stock. But the quantity still can be negotiated.

– Sample is available, but we do not provide free samples.

– OEM service is available with customer’s brand.

– We accept the payment by L/C, T/T, Paypal, Western Union, etc.

– Generally, it will take 7-15 working days after receiving your advance payment. Depend on the quantity.

– We could provide Online instruction; Real-time support by video call or voice chat; During warranty time, we can send product accessories when you need them for free; Technical guidance is free and ready forever.

– 1 year. it can be negotiated if you need an extended warranty.

– Email: [email protected]

– Tel.: 008613320353102

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