DW-FD Series Vertical Autoclave

Product Features of DW-FD Series Vertical Autoclave

  • Simple and easily understandable control panel to show the sterilization temperature, sterilization time, and drying time, press separate keys to set the temperature and time to make the operation easier
  • Each sterilization stage is displayed with LED lights, making the sterilization process clear at a glance.
  • Microcomputer intelligent control system, achieves fully automatic control of the sterilization process.
  • Pulse method to completely purge out cold air. (E/R only)
  • The system automatically monitors the discharge of cold air to ensure a pure steam sterilization environment and the best sterilization effect.
  • Up to 20 error information records can be stored, facilitating instrument management.
  • Built-in water tank for internal discharging of steam, effectively absorbing water vapor from exhaust process.(E/R only) Fully automatic drying function or semi-automatic drying function choice. (R only)
  • Fully automatic drying: Equipped with an air pump and a 0.2um air filter, it automatically starts drying after sterilization. After sterilization, clean air will be put in to replace the wet air inside, so as to improve drying efficiency. (Fully automatic drying is an option for R only)

Safety Features of DW-FD Series Vertical Autoclave

  • Lid closing checking: Machine can not start if the lid is not locking well, the self-induction interlock device can avoid the risk of misuse.
  • Unique anti-scald cover: Nice look and avoid causing scald.
  • Triple protection for lack of water: The bottom of the sterilization chamber is equipped with three different dry burning protection devices: liquid expansion type, copper temperature sensing type, and electric ion type (water level sensor), to avoid misjudgment caused by a single method.
  • Double protection for over pressure: Mechanical pressure gauge and electric sensing system, once pressure is abnormal, system will cut power, release the pressure and send out an alarm.
  • Auto trouble shooting: The System will monitor the working status, and will cut the power, send out alarm, and report the error information once any abnormal situation is detected.
  • Safety test function: Regular testing of system security and safety protection measures is possible.
  • Real-time monitor: System will monitor the lid locking, pressure, and temperature status on a real-time basis to guarantee the safe and successful work of the autoclave.
  • Electrical protection: Equipped with a highly sensitive electrical protection system, effectively providing leakage protection, overcurrent and short-circuit protection.

Specifications of the DW-FD Series Vertical Autoclave

Drying DW-FD50RDW-FD80RDW-FD100R
DifferenceDW-FD-A: Fully automatic 
DW-FD-E: DW-FD-A+pulse+inner steam tank+waste water tank
DW-FD-E+semi automatic drying function, if need automatic drying need to add 530USD
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)580x490x960580x490x 1085730x625x1100730x625x1200
Chamber dimension(Dia*H)(mm)Φ320×378Φ320 x725Φ400 x700Φ400 x 800
Power requirements220V±10%  16A  50HZ/60HZ220V±10%  32A  50HZ/60HZ
Rated power(W)2600W2600W4600W4600W
Sus304 basket size(pcs)(Φ298×260)x1(Φ298×195)x3(Φ360×275)x2(Φ360×215)x3
Chamber materialSUS304 stainless steel
Sterilization temperature105℃~135℃
Sterilization time range1~300min
Pressure gauge range-0.1MPa~0.5MPa
Pulse times0~9 times (E/R only)
Exhaust temperature range73℃~104℃(E/R only, liquid mode)105℃~130℃(Solid mode)
Safety valve set pressure0.29MPa
DryingDrying temperature:80℃~160℃ Drying time:1~300 min
Sterilization modeSolid mode Liquid mode Sterilization+ drying (R only)
ControllerMicrocomputer control system
Safety deviceLid closing checking, over temperature protection system, dry scorch protection,
overpressure protection, safety valve, over current/short circuit/electric leakage protection, scald protection, automatic failure-inspection system

Note: DW-FD-A has liquid mode, but can not preset the exhaust temperature for liquid mode.

Spare Parts Option of the DW-FD Series Vertical Autoclave

DW-FD Vertical Autoclave-4