What is Benchtop Low Speed Centrifuge?

The Benchtop Low Speed Centrifuge has frequently used material separation equipment, Drawell’s benchtop low-speed centrifuge is a sedimentation centrifuge, common models are TD4, TDZ5 – WS, TD4A – WS, etc. The centrifuge is mainly generated by the powerful centrifugal force generated from the rotation of the rotor speed, accelerating the settlement ratio of different components in the mixture, making the sample a different settlement coefficient and buoyancy of the material. Low-speed centrifuge generally refers to the centrifuge with a rotating speed within 10,000rpm, different types of machines can be adapted to various types of angle rotors and horizontal rotors. Benchtop low-speed centrifuge is widely used in biochemistry, petrochemical, agriculture, food hygiene, and other fields.

Benchtop Low-Speed Centrifuge

Features of Benchtop Low-Speed Centrifuge

  1. Stainless material, sturdy and durable
  2. Low noise
  3. Multiple protection systems ensure safety
  4. A variety of rotors for option
  5. Microprocessor control, simple operation
  6. Precise timing

Application of Benchtop Low Speed Centrifuge

The centrifuge are widely used in biochemistry, petrochemical, agriculture, food hygiene and other fields. It is a necessary instrument in the laboratory of biology, medicine, chemistry and physics. It is suitable for the separation of radioimmunity, biochemistry and blood products.

  1. Liquid – based cell section
  2. Separation of serum, plasma and precipitated protein
  3. Urinary sediment examination
  4. Separation of the tangible components of the blood
  5. The concentration of cells or other tangible components in the body fluid
  6. Chylous particles and lipoproteins were isolated from plasma
application of Benchtop Low-Speed Centrifuge

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