6000r/min TDL6MC Large Capacity Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge

TDL6MC large capacity benchtop refrigerated centrifuge uses a microcomputer controller to accurately control speed, time, and relative centrifugal force. It adopts a maintenance-free variable frequency motor to prevent over-speed operation. It adopts a fluorine-free high-efficiency refrigeration system and provides door cover protection to ensure the safe operation of the instrument. It is widely used in universities and scientific research institutions.

Optional Accessories:

  • 1. Swing rotor
  • 2. Angle rotor
  • 3. Adaptor

Features of TDL6MC Large Capacity Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge

  1. Adopt an advanced CPU control system to realize microprocessor control of rotate speed, temperature, and RCF.
  2. A maintenance-free frequency conversion motor can prevent over-speed operation. Gas spring to prevent falling of door.
  3. With imported freon-free refrigeration system operating, for the purpose of environment protection.
  4. With protection from over speed, over temperature, imbalance, and protection of automatic electronic or mechanical lock, to ensure the safety of operators and machines.

Specifications of the TDL6M Refrigerated Centrifuge

Model TDL-6MC
Display LCD display
Max Speed 6000r/min
Max RCF 4500xg
Max Capacity 6x500ml
Temp range -20°C~+40°C
Temp Accuracy ±1°C
Timer Range 0-99min
Motor Microprocessor control, Frequency conversion motor
Noise ≤ 60dB (A)
Power Supply AC220V&110V 50HZ 10A
Dimension 830*750*480mm(LxWxH)
Net Weight 150kg


Max Speed:6000r/min
Max Capacity:12×15/10ml
Max RCF:4500xg
Max Speed:4000r/min
Max Capacity:6×500ml
Max RCF:4390xg
Max Speed:4000r/min
Max Capacity:6×250ml
Max RCF:3600xg
Max Speed:4000r/min
Max Capacity:32×10ml
Max RCF:2810xg
Max Speed:4000r/min
Max Capacity:148×7ml
Max RCF:4100xg
Max Speed:4000r/min
Max Capacity:4×500ml
Max RCF:3600xg
Max Speed:4000r/min
Max Capacity:32×15ml
Max RCF:2810xg
Max Speed:4000r/min
Max Capacity:4×100ml
Max RCF:2810xg
Max Speed:4000r/min
Max Capacity:8×50ml
Max RCF:2810xg
Max Speed:4000r/min
Max Capacity:72×5ml
Max RCF:2800xg
Max Speed:4000r/min
Max Capacity:48×7ml
Max RCF:2800xg
Max Speed:3000r/min
MaxCapacity:2x2x96holes micro-plates
Max RCF:2300xg

TDL6M Refrigerated Centrifuge Display

TDL6MC Large Capacity Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge

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