What is the Centrifuge?

A centrifuge is a machine that uses centrifugal force to accelerate the sedimentation speed of liquid particles and separate materials with different sedimentation coefficients and buoyancy densities.

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Features of Centrifuge

  1. With compact structure, low noise, and lightweight.
  2. Stainless Steel Chamber, Full metal structure, and microprocessor-controlled.
  3. Safety Interlock system that prevents opening the centrifuge lid during running.
  4. Digital or LCD display for choice, which indicated the Speed, time, RCF, etc.
  5. With Emergency lid lock release, in case of power off.
  6. Brush-less induction motor with frequency drive ensures gentle start.
  7. Easy to operate, freely set the acceleration time, and deceleration time, and automatically calculates RCF.
  8. Safe and reliable performance, Protection from overspeed, over temperature, imbalance.

Applications of Centrifuge

In the field of science and technology, laboratory centrifuges, as widely used experimental equipment, play a vital role. Laboratory centrifuges use centrifugal force to separate components in a mixture, thereby playing a huge role in many fields, such as medicine, life sciences, chemistry, materials science, food and beverage, environmental science, energy, and many other fields with amazing applications.

Applications of centrifuge

Different Types of Centrifuge




Main application

Beauty centrifuge

 Beauty centrifuge






Separation and extraction of fat, PRP, CGF, etc. in cosmetic surgery.

Desktop Low Speed Centrifuge


 Tabletop Low-Speed Large Capacity Centrifuge TD5A-WS












Mainly used to separate serum, plasma, lipids, precipitated proteins or urine from blood for urine sediment examination.

Desktop Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

 Low Speed Refrigerated centrifuge TGD-22MC






Used to separate plasma in blood bags and some reagents that need to be frozen.

Desktop High Speed Centrifuge

 Benchtop High Speed centrifuge TG18-WS

TG series

Through centralized analysis and comparison of data on material adaptability and separation stages, it facilitates production and application selection in pilot and mass production stages.

Desktop High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

 Benchtop High Speed Refrigerated centrifuge TGL-18M/MC

TGL series




TGD-22MC Intelligent

Used to separate plasma in blood bags and some reagents that need to be frozen.

Floortype Refrigerated Centrifuge

 Floor Ultra Capacity Centrifuge



DL-5M /6M




DL-6MC Intelligent

DL-7MC Intelligent

DL8M-12L Intelligent

GL-21/22MC Intelligent


Mainly used in bio-pharmaceutical extraction, as well as large-capacity precise extraction in some chemical industries.

How to Choose the Model?

  1. Speed

The maximum speed of the centrifuge refers to the speed under no-load conditions. The maximum speed will vary depending on the type of rotor and the mass of the sample.

  1. Temperature

Some samples must be kept in a low-temperature environment to prevent damage. In this case, a refrigerated centrifuge must be selected to ensure the safety of the sample and obtain ideal experimental results.

  1. Rotor

Horizontal rotors are generally used in low-speed centrifuges, with a long sedimentation path, and the convection generated during the deceleration process will cause the sediment to be resuspended; Angle rotors: generally used in high-speed centrifuges and microcentrifuges, with a short sedimentation path, and the sedimentation time of particles is faster than Horizontal rotors are more efficient. If you want the separated samples to be concentrated on the bottom of the centrifuge tube, choose a horizontal rotor; if you want the samples to be concentrated on the bottom and side walls near the bottom, choose an angle rotor.

  1. Volume

Depending on the size of the laboratory, the number of samples processed, and the target speed, floor-standing, benchtop, and mini centrifuges are available.

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