Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer

What is Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer?

Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer is an instrument that can be used to detect the content of carbon or sulfur in steel, iron, alloys, non-ferrous metals, cement, ores, glass, and other materials. It is a high-tech product integrating light, machine, electricity, computer, and analysis technology, with a wide measurement range, accurate and reliable analysis results, etc.


Features of Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer

  1. Infrared detection system, fast and accurate;
  2. Beautiful and elegant table structure, easy to operate;
  3. Independent set of high-frequency infrared analysis software ;
  4. Powerful data processing and statistical functions;
  5. Double CPU design, high electronic circuit integration degree, steady and reliable
  6. High power and quick frequency circuit design to reduce the high-frequency combustion system load and to increase the use time;
  7. Furnace head automatic cleaning to reduce the effects of dust on test results.

Applications of Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer

Infrared carbon and sulfur analyzers have a wide range of applications and are commonly used in chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, and other industries. In addition, infrared carbon and sulfur analyzers play an ideal detection role in the production process, quality process, and recycling of chemical products. In addition, infrared carbon and sulfur analyzers are also widely used in petrochemical processes, from crude oil monitoring, and blending processes to finished product control, they have played an important role in detection.

Infrared Carbon&Sulfur Analyzer application

How to Choose the Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer?

1)  What sample do you want to test?

For our model, it’s mainly suitable for testing ferrous metal materials, such as alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, etc.

2) What is the Oxygen control method?

It takes sample comparison of standard samples to Ensure the supply of oxygen to the sample during combustion so that the carbon and sulfur content of the sample can be fully converted into CO2 and SO2 gas.

Order Process of Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer

order process

Why Choose Us for Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer?


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