High Pressure Homogenizer

What is High Pressure Homogenizer?

Homogenizers have been used more and more widely, with the development of biomedicine, petrochemical, food industry, and other fields. The development of the laboratory instrument industry also provides a variety of homogenizers with different functions for the laboratories in the above-mentioned industries.

The principle of homogenizer is commonly used in laboratories: Mix the test sample and the solution or solvent uniformly to reach the standard solution required by the experiment. 

When you are looking for a homogenizer, you should consider three types: ultrasonic homogenizers, high-pressure homogenizers, and sterile slap homogenizers.

Applications of High Pressure Homogenizer

Drawell Homogenizer is mainly used for tissue dispersion in the field of biotechnology, sample preparation in the field of medicine, enzyme treatment in the food industry, and in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, paint industry and petrochemical industry. Its typical application areas are as follows:

  1. Chemical industry: paints and coatings, various emulsifiers, insecticides, rubber pastes, resin glues, thickeners, bentonite, flavors, silicon materials, carbon black, magnesium oxide, titanium dioxide, etc.
  2. Cosmetics industry: detergents, perfumes, etc.
  3. Food and beverage industry: soy milk, cow milk, butter, beverages, ice cream, pollen liquid and other Chinese and Western health nutrient solutions, food additives, various condiments, etc.
  4. Pharmaceutical industry: antibiotics, antacids, slurry preparations, intravenous emulsions, etc.
  5. Bioengineering technology: enzymes, prions, etc.
Application of High Pressure Homogenizer

Specifications of the High Pressure Homogenizer









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3 Types of Homogenizers

1. Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Drawell Ultrasonic Cell Shredder is a multi-functional and multi-purpose instrument that uses the cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves to process experimental samples. It is suitable for samples with a volume of 0.5-600ml. It has the advantages of continuously adjustable ultrasonic time and power. It can break various animal and plant tissues, cells, and bacteria. It can also be used for emulsification, separation, dispersion, extraction, and acceleration of chemical reactions, etc.

2. High Pressure Homogenizer

The ultra-high pressure cell crusher is a fast, convenient, and pollution-free cell crushing experimental instrument. Different pressures can be selected for different experiments during the operation. The maximum pressure is up to 256Mpa (37120PSi), which can meet the requirements of various types of cell crushing. The nano-homogenization/dispersion requirements of the sample can also achieve effective temperature control, so as to effectively obtain the required substances in the cells.

3. Sterile Slap Homogenizer

Lab blenders stomacher sterile homogenizer, also known as slap homogenizer, can make the process of extracting bacteria from solid samples very simple, just add the sample and diluent to the sterile sample bag (maximum The sample can be processed up to 400ml), and then put the sample bag into the flapping homogenizer to complete the sample processing.

Applications of Homogenizer

1. Application of Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Ultrasonic homogenizers can crush various animal and plant tissues, cells, bacteria, and can be used to emulsify, separate, disperse, extract, and accelerate chemical reactions, etc. It is widely used in the fields of life science, material science and environmental protection.

  • Fragmentation of cells, bacteria, viruses, spores and other cellular structures
  • Homogeneous soil and rock samples
  • Preparation of DNA fragmentation in high-throughput sequencing and chromatin immunoprecipitation
  • Research on the structural and physical characteristics of rocks
  • Dispersion of pharmaceutical substances for injection
  • Homogenization of beverages by ultrasound
  • Dispersion and extraction of Chinese herbal medicines
  • Alcoholization of wine-aging technology
  • Pyrolysis, emulsification, homogenization and crushing of carbon nanotubes, rare earth materials and other particulate matter
  • Accelerate dissolution and accelerate chemical reactions, such as the processing of oils and fats

2. Application of High Pressure Homogenizer

The high-pressure homogenizer is a device for homogenizing, thinning, and high-pressure conveying of liquid materials. The equipment is widely used in production, scientific research, and technological development in the fields of food, dairy, beverage, pharmacy, fine chemicals, and biotechnology.

  • Preparation of fat particles, microemulsions, liposomes, suspensions, and microcapsules in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • Cell disruption of bioengineering products, extraction, and homogenization of intracellular and extracellular materials;
  • Homogenization and emulsification of food and beverage industry products to improve product stability;
  • Homogeneous dispersion of products in cosmetics, fine chemicals, and other industries;
  • Production and preparation of conductive paste and resistance paste.

3. Application of Sterile Slap Homogenizer

It is widely used in the microbiological testing of food and drugs, animal tissues, and biological samples. Users are widely distributed in hospitals, disease control, commodity inspection, quality inspection, environment, cosmetics, and animal husbandry and veterinary systems.

  • Bioengineering: Homogenization of animal and plant tissues (liver, intestines, stomach, etc.).
  • Food engineering: homogenization treatment of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, biscuits, etc.
  • Clinical medicine: obtaining a large number of single cells from tumor tissues; drug microbiology, etc.

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