DW-IID Ultrasonic Homogenizer

As a new type of ultrasonic homogenizer, it has complete functions, novel appearance and reliable performance. It has a large-screen display and central control by a mini-computer. The ultrasonic duration and power can be set arbitrarily. In addition, sample temperature, actual frequency, computerized tracking and automatic trouble warning can all be displayed on the large LCD screen.

Features of DW-IID Ultrasonic Homogenizer

  1. It adopts PWM control switch power supply, and the power is continuously adjustable
  2. It adopts 7 inch TFT touch screen display, high resolution
  3. Central microcomputer centralized control
  4. Ultrasonic time, power arbitrary setting
  5. Sample temperature detection display, power display, microcomputer tracking, automatic fault alarm
  6. Sound Abating trap adopts sheet metal, spray plastic, ABS material, die design, with lock function
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Specifications of the Product




20-25 KHz


950 W

Included Tip (Φ)

Ф 6

Optional Tips (Φ)

Ф 2, 3, 10, 15

Crushing Capacity

0.5-600 ml

Duty Ratio (%)

0.1-99.9 %

Power Supply

220/110 VAC  50 Hz/60 Hz


Using PWM control switching power supply. Power continuously

adjustable. Capable of storage 50 set of experimental parameters.

Power Supply chassis Size and Weight

400×280×220 mm; 12.2 Kg

Mainframe Weight

14.3 Kg

Speaker compartment Size & weight

275×250×480 mm,8.04 Kg

Packing Size

534×295×435 mm

Product Display

DW-IID Ultrasonic Homogenizer

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