Drawell-D207A Ultra High Pressure Homogenizer

Main Technical Parameters of Drawell D207A Ultra High Pressure Homogenizer

  1. The maximum working pressure 1800bar / 180Mpa / 26100psi pressure adjustable
  2. The maximum design pressure is 2070bar / 207Mpa / 30015psi
  3. Maximum processing capacity 15 L / H (250ml / min)
  4. The minimum processing capacity of 15ml
  5. Material residue 0ml (no residue)
  6. Motor power 3.0Kw / 380V / 50Hz
  7. Overall dimensions L1070 * W340 * H460
  8. Weight <60KG
  9. Maximum feed particles & lt; 100 microns
  10. Flow control Inverter control, adjustable flow and flow adjustable
  11. Pressure, temperature sensors using the German brand pressure sensor optional thermostat bath
  12. Built-in cooler configuration cooler does not consume materials, controls the homogeneous temperature
  13. No need to exhaust
  14. PLC touch screen
  15. Using PLC control and 7-inch touch screen operation
  16. Historical data storage, query
  17. With temperature alarm and automatic protection
  18. System high pressure and operating temperature are one digital
  19. Real-time pressure and temperature curve display
  20. Has the operation permission limit function
  21. Electric control drive part of Japan’s Matsushita servo motor
  22. Condensate water connection plate with condensate access disk

Spares and Tools

  1. One set of special tools
  2. One standard spares package
  3. Operation manual

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Drawell-D207A Ultra High Pressure Homogenizer

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