What is Fluorescence Spectrophotometer?

A fluorescence spectrophotometer is an instrument used to scan the fluorescence spectrum emitted by liquid-phase fluorescent markers. It can provide many physical parameters including excitation spectrum, emission spectrum, fluorescence intensity, quantum yield, fluorescence lifetime, fluorescence polarization, etc., reflecting the bonding and structure of molecules from various angles. General quantitative analysis can be done, and the conformational changes of molecules in various environments can be inferred to clarify the relationship between molecular structure and function.

Application Areas

Fluorescence spectroscopy is used in, among others, biochemical, medical, and chemical research fields for analyzing organic compounds. There has also been a report of its use in differentiating malignant skin tumors from benign. Additionally, Fluorescence spectroscopy can be adapted to the microscopic level using microfluorimetry. In analytical chemistry, fluorescence detectors are used with HPLC. In the field of water research, fluorescence spectroscopy can be used to monitor water quality by detecting organic pollutants. Recent advances in computer science and machine learning have even enabled detection of bacterial contaminaton of water.

application of Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Specification of the Product

(1) DW-F93 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer


  1. 1200 line diffraction grating emission monochromator. Its large aperture and non-spherical reflecting mirrors produce extra high sensitivity.
  2. EX light use LED, match with the central wavelength of 365nm、420nm、475nm、525nm narrow banding-ultra low back grounding precision filters to consist 4 set of EX wavelength replacing system. Carry on the maintenance expediently & can satisfy more choices and demands.
  3. The central wavelength of 365nm、420nm、475nm、525nm narrow banding-ultra low back grounding precision filters with low fluorescence background. Its performance is better than a glass filter.
  4. LED is a cold light source with longevity, lower background & reliability, and prevention thermo-pollution.
  5. Automatic zero adjustment and automatic background subtraction, Eight stage sensitivity adjustment, Real time fluorescence reading display and concentration print out, the Extra wide dynamic range of fluorescence reading, and accurate measurement of minute changes in samples.
  6. Quality fine, less weight & measure, the test simply, particularly suitable for education& laboratory.








Light source:


Exciting optical filters:

Interference optical filter (10nm bandwidth)

Central wavelength:  


Optional central wavelength:

365nm、405nm、470nm、515nm (F93A)

The wavelength of exciting optical filter can be selected within 360-600nm

Emission monochromator:

360-650nm  (C-T diffraction grating)

Wavelength accuracy:    


Wavelength repeatability :



1×10-9 g/ml  (Standard aqua of the sulfuric acid Quinine, 12nm bandwidth)

Linearity deviation:


Variation of power source:

220V±22V  50Hz±1Hz

(2) DW-F96PRO Fluorescence Spectrophotometer


  1. Two operations modes could be chosen: fluorescence intensity and luminous intensity. Fluorescence scanning, kinetic determination, and quantity analysis could be done under fluorescence intensity mode.
  2. 365nm exciting wavelength, Raman peak of water S/N≥150 High-performance sensitivity simplifies the measurement of low detective sample.
  3. 10 stages of gain adjustment could be chosen for emission spectrum scanning, including high speed low S/N scanning, and precise scanning. Total spectrum scanning could be done in 1 second. With the intelligent pre-scanning feature, unknown sample spectrum information could be detected rapidly. Auto-omission of the influence of scattering peaks and harmonic peaks ensures the best measurement parameters and locates the fluorescence emission peak.
  4. Support off-line mode and online mode. Under off-line mode, the instrument’s computer system offers the fluorescence intensity measurement, concentration direct reading, auto 0 adjustment, auto background subtraction and etc. Under online mode, we could use quality and quantity software to control data acquisition and analysis through the USB2.0 interface.
  5. High stable and long-life 150W xenon lamp and power source ensures high stable testing and a wide range of the spectrum.
  6. The normalized feature for fluorescence value could make different fluorescence results comparable.
  7. Provide optional PC qualitative and quantitative software package with expansible time scanning, wavelength scanning, graphic calculation, and storage-access abilities.
  8. Optional accessories for different measurements, including single hole cell holder, fluorescence sample holder for different features, 200μl micro scale centrifuge tube, microscale capillary sample holder, semi-auto sample introduction accessories, membrane sample accessories, powder sample accessories, jacket sample accessories and etc.








Light source:

Hamamatsu 150W Xenon lamp

Exciting optical filters:

Interference optical filter

a) Standard set is equipped with an interference optical filter of central wavelength at 365nm and 10nm bandwidth.

b) An optional interference optical filer of 25mm diameter of wavelength of 250-700 nm can be provided on users demand.

Emission monochromator:

C-T diffraction grating(Em 200-900nm,bandwidth 10nm)

Wavelength accuracy


Wavelength repeatability



Raman peak of water in 1 cm quartz fluorescence cuvette with S/N≥150

Linear measurement(r):



better than 1.5%/10min

Response time:

(0.1-4)s   6 stages adjustable

Fluorescence display value:


Data transmission:



220V±22V  50Hz±1Hz  190W

Package Dimensions

380 x440 x240 mm   0.04M3



(3) DW-F97 Series Fluorescence Spectrophotometer


  1. High sensitivity: based on high efficiency optical design and weak signal detection technology, the water Raman peak signal to noise ratio can be greater than 200 (P – P) to the leading domestic and international advanced levels.
  2. High scanning speed: the high speed digital signal processing unit provides the world’s fastest scanning speed at 48000nm/min. Only 1 second to get classic fluorescence spectra, and 1 minute to get high-quality three-dimensional fluorescence spectra.
  3. Wide Spectral measurement range: using a double monochromator design, excitation, and emission wavelength range covering 200 nm to 900 nm, meet the needs of most fluorescence analyses.
  4. Excitation light path monitoring system: the instrument is equipped with an excitation light dual beam ratio monitoring system to ensure the fluorescence signal is high and stable.
  5. High quality assurance: using Hamamatsu’s high quality Xenon light source and photoelectric multiplier tube detectors and instruments to provide sufficient light intensity signal and the detection sensitivity.
  6. Built-in optical gate: Built-in optical gate, designed for unstable samples.


DW-F97 Series






Excitation Source

150W xenon lamp(Hamamatsu)

Excitation Wavelength


Emission Wavelength



Excitation Slit




Emission Slit




Wavelength Accuracy




Wavelength Repeatability




Signal-to-Noise Ratio

F97XP:Raman peak of water(P-P):S/N≥200(10nm Slit)

F97/F97Pro:Raman peak of water(P-P):S/N≥150(10nm Slit)



F97XP:≤5×10-11 g/ml(Quinine Sulfate Solution)

F97/F97Pro:≤1×10-10 g/ml(Quinine Sulfate Solution)



Peak Repeatability




Zero Drift:±0.3

Value Limit:±1.5%

Wavelength Scan Speed

Multi-speed Level, Maximum at 48000nm/min

Photometric Quantity Range


Data Transportation




Power Source

AC 220V/50Hz; 110V/60Hz

Instrument Dimension



Net Weight:12kg  Gross Weight:14kg

Product Display

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

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