DW-F93 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

DW-F93/ F93A fluorescence spectrophotometer adopts a cold light source and a replaceable interference filter system, and the receiver adopts a high-performance photomultiplier tube. It has high detection sensitivity, high selectivity, and a user-friendly functional operation interface. Fast and high-precision fluorescence intensity measurement, a variety of excitation light source components can meet the testing needs of most users, cost-effective, and especially suitable for university laboratory teaching demonstrations and student experiments, it is the first choice for upgrading of the majority of user units in higher education systems.

Features of DW-F93 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

  1. 1200 line diffraction grating emission monochromator. Its large aperture and non-spherical reflecting mirrors produce extra high sensitivity.
  2. EX light use LED, match with the central wavelength of 365nm、420nm、475nm、525nm narrow banding-ultra low back grounding precision filters to consist 4 sets of EX wavelength replacing the system. Carry on the maintenance expediently & can satisfy more choices and demands.
  3. The central wavelength of 365nm、420nm、475nm、525nm narrow banding-ultra low back grounding precision filters with low fluorescence background. Its performance is better than a glass filter.
  4. LED is a cold light source with longevity, lower background & reliability, and prevention thermo-pollution.
  5. Automatic zero adjustment and automatic background subtraction, Eight stage sensitivity adjustment, Real-time fluorescence reading display and concentration printout, the Extra wide dynamic range of fluorescence reading, and accurate measurement of minute changes in samples.
  6. Quality fine, less weight & measure, the test simply, particularly suitable for education& laboratory.

Specifications of DW-F93 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer








Light source:


Exciting optical filters:

Interference optical filter (10nm bandwidth)

Central wavelength:  


Optional central wavelength:

365nm、405nm、470nm、515nm (F93A)

The wavelength of exciting optical filter can be selected within 360-600nm

Emission monochromator:

360-650nm  (C-T diffraction grating)

Wavelength accuracy:    


Wavelength repeatability :



1×10-9 g/ml  (Standard aqua of the sulfuric acid Quinine, 12nm bandwidth)

Linearity deviation:


Variation of power source:

220V±22V  50Hz±1Hz

DW-F93 Spectrophotometer Display

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer