Digital Viscometer

What is Digital Viscometer?

The viscometer refers to an instrument used to measure the viscosity of fluids (liquid and gas). NDJ and DV series digital viscometer has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, stable viscosity readings, convenient operation, and good anti-interference performance. They are widely used to determine the viscosity of various fluids such as grease, paint, food, medicine, adhesives, and cosmetics. It can also be used to measure the viscous resistance of liquids and the absolute viscosity of liquids.

Digital Viscometer

Features of Digital Viscometer

1. Stable speed.
2. It can be used as a stand-alone computer, or it can be connected to a micro printer and a computer to realize data collection.
3. The speed, rotor number, viscosity, torque, and temperature can be displayed simultaneously.
4. Different standard spindles can be selected according to needs.

Low Viscosity Viscometer:

Medium & High Viscosity Viscometer:

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NDJ Viscometer Operation

Applications of Digital Viscometer

Rotational viscometer has a very close relationship with petroleum, chemical, electric power, textile, metallurgy, textile and national defense, and other fields.

It is an important means for industrial process control, product quality improvement, and energy conservation and development. In scientific fields such as physical chemistry and fluid mechanics, viscosity measurement plays an important role in understanding fluid properties and studying flow conditions. For example, in the medical industry, measuring the viscosity of blood and physiological fluids is a newly developed diagnostics, especially an important diagnostic method for cardiovascular diseases, cancers, tumors, and other difficult and miscellaneous diseases. It is widely used in petroleum, grease, paint, ink, slurry, food, medicine, coating, cosmetics, and other industries.

application of Digital Viscometer

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