Heating Incubator

What is Heating Incubator?

Electric heating incubator is a kind of constant temperature incubator suitable for scientific research and industrial production departments such as medical and health, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry, and agricultural science for bacterial culture, fermentation, and constant temperature experiment.

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Features of Heating Incubator

  1. Unique air duct design, and good temperature uniformity.
  2. Microprocessor controller(with temperature correction and timing function).
  3. Large LCD screen display.
  4. High-quality stainless steel chamber, removable shelf, easy-to-clean.
  5. Silicon sealing ring for reliable sealing.
  6. Inner glass door for easy observation. The outer door will not affect the temperature inside.
  7. Equipped with leakage protection.
  8. Anti-hot handle.
Heating Incubator
DW- LI Heating Incubator

DRAWELL’s Heating Incubator Products

Applications of Heating Incubator

The LI series electric constant temperature incubator is suitable for bacterial culture, breeding, fermentation, and other constant temperature experiments in scientific research and industrial production departments such as medical and health, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry, and agricultural science.

How to Choose the Heating Incubator Model?

A: First of all, you can first confirm the appearance type and temperature range requirements you need. In terms of appearance, we have desktop and vertical type. LI-360(43L), LI-420(81L), LI-500(138L), LI-600(252L) are desktop models,The temperature range is RT+5℃~100℃.And others are vertical models, The temperature range is RT+5℃~66℃.

A: The capacity have 18L, 20L, 30L, 43L, 50L, 80L, 81L,138L,160L,252L,270L for optional.

A: Unique air duct design, good temperature uniformity,Microprocessor controller(with temperature correction and timing function). High quality stainless steel chamber, removable shelf, easy-to-clean. Silicon sealing ring for reliable sealing. And Drawell can do customs service, It’s possible to upgrade the temperature to 100°C, talk to the technician when placing order.

A: The larger the capacity of the model, the larger the size of the operating room. The shelves are usually equipped with 2 or 3 pieces as standard.

Order Process

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