Gene Gun

What is Gene Gun?

Gene gun technology (particle bombardment) is a all-new gene-delivery technology, also a physical method, in which the genetic material or other substances attached to a high-speed micro bomb are shot directly into the cells, so it is a late gene-transferred technology internationally.

The pneumatic Gas gene gun can make a wide range of cell types instantly stable and highly-efficient transformation.

The gene gun has a special rupture which generates a gas shock ware.The degree of Helium-pressure that drives the carrier film is determined by the different rupture films used in the process. Within a proper atmospheric pressure the different rupture films penetrate the DNA-coated microcariers into the target cells at the bottom of the bombardment chamber.


Features of Gene Gun

  1. Portable, flexible for in vitro transgenic experiments;
  2. Low noise, high repeatability, convenient for the transformation of live animals;
  3. Transformation of cells with special growth needs that cannot be accomplished by other methods;
  4. The shooting area is small and the particles are evenly distributed, which can convert  receptors of different sizes, ensuring conversion efficiency;
  5. Simple, fast, flexible in function, common to various cell types;
  6. Contribute to instant expression and stable expression;
  7. Only a small amount of DNA and cells are required, and no carrier DNA is required;
  8. Can carry out multi-plasmid co-introduction, no restriction on large fragments of DNA;
  9. Strong use of compressed gas to drive the gene gun, reducing technical difficulty and expanding the scope of application;
  10. Adopt biologically inert particulate carrier to reduce the risk of biological infection and improve specificity;
  11. The unique round transformation chamber of the bombardment chamber is removable for quick cleaning and disinfection;
  12. A unique circular bombardment transformation room, removable for easy cleaning and disinfection, low cost.

Applications of Gene Gun

The gene gun is applicable in gene-transformation of plants and animals, cell cultures, embryos, bacteria and small animals.It has have fast,simple,safe and efficient features.

  1. Study of transient expression of gene function
  2. Study on functional stability performance;
  3. Genetic or cancer-related research
  4. Genetic engineering or drug-related research
  5. Research and application of DNA vaccines
  6. Research related to gene therapy
  7. Research on genetically modified plants
Application of Gene Gun

More Related Knowledge for Gene Gun

– Helium.

The Gene Gun employs a high velocity stream of helium to accelerate gold particles coated with plasmids or RNA to velocities sufficient to penetrate and transform cells, both in vitro and in vivo.

The gene gun depends on the ‘Coanda phenomenon’, whereby a pulse of helium fired into the gene gun rapidly expands several fold and pulls the gold/DNA particles from the microcarrier tube. The expanding gas causes the gold/DNA particles to spiral down the accelerating channel with an increasing velocity.

– Gene gun bombardment is a method for the physical introduction of DNA into plant cells containing cell walls. The gene gun is utilized to bombard the plant cell wall with many DNA coated metal particles by using compressed helium as the propellant.

– Biolistic gun or gene gun method initially developed to transfer the gene in plant cell directly. It is a method involving the transfer of genes to the plants without the use of any vectors (plasmid etc.).

– Gene gun technology at this point has the most utility in animal protein expression as a back-up technology. In other words, when other conventional systems fail, it will generally work. Most notable is its usefulness for hard-to-transfect cells or in some particular in situ applications.

– To introduce an alien DNA, undifferentiated plant cells are the most suitable host cells for the gene guns. This is so because the undifferentiated plant cells have a cell wall that can be easily broken down by bombarding them with high-velocity micro-particles of gold or tungsten coated with DNA in a gene gun.

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