Drawell SJ-500 Portable Gene Gun

The Portable Gene Gun is a portable gene gun device that enables fast and direct in situ gene transfer of cells, suitable for both transient and stable transfection. Compared with the desktop gene gun, the SJ-500 gene gun is small in size and easy to carry. It is a device with a smaller shooting area and a more uniform particle distribution. It is simpler and more time-saving in the preparation of samples with gold powder microcarriers. It is widely used in gene transformation research of animal and plant samples.

Performance Characteristics of SJ-500 Gene Gun

  1. Portable, and flexible for in vitro transgenic experiments;
  2. Low noise, high repeatability, convenient for the transformation of live animals;
  3. Transformation of cells with special growth  needs that  cannot  be accomplished  by  other methods;
  4. The  shooting  area  is  small  and  the  particles  are  evenly  distributed,  which  can  convert receptors of different sizes, ensuring conversion efficiency;
  5. Simple, fast, flexible in function, common to various cell types;
  6. Contribute to instant expression and stable expression;
  7. Only a small amount of DNA and cells are required, and no carrier DNA is required;
  8. Can carry out multi-plasmid co-introduction, no restriction on large fragments of DNA;

Parameters of SJ-500 Gene Gun

Experimental conditionsin situ, in vitro, in vivo
Target area(small) 2cm²
Pressure range0.5-5MPa (12 times per revolution)
Target TypeAnimal cells, plant cells, living plant leaves, living animal skin, muscle, living animal organs
Voltage9V (can launch 1000 times)
Gas sourcehelium or nitrogen
Metal particlesΦ0.8-1.5μm, Φ1.5-3μm
Bombardment methoddirect spotting of magazines or nylon tube preparation