What is Drawell Shaker?

Drawell orbital and linear shakers are ideal for bacterial culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemical reaction, enzyme, and cell tissue culture research, orbital and linear shakers are almost suitable for microcentrifuge tubes to petri dishes and microtiter plates to Erlenmeyer flasks in any container. It is widely used in medicine, biology, molecular science, pharmacy, food, environment and other industries.

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Applications of the Shaker

Shaker is a kind of commonly used laboratory equipment, which belongs to biochemical equipment, which is widely used in cell culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemical reaction, and research and cultivation of enzymes and tissues. At the same time, these experiments have higher requirements for temperature and oscillation frequency, especially for microorganisms, bacteria, and cell culture, as well as experiments commonly used in laboratories such as liquid shaking, which are inseparable from a shaker.

  1. Medicine
  2. biology
  3. Molecular
  4. Pharmaceutical Technology
  5. Food Research
  6. Environmental Science
Application of the Shaker

Why Choose Us?

  • Pre-Installation services

Providing free pre-installation advice and guidance. Provide a demonstration video if necessary.

  • User training

Operation manuals are in English. Training by Drawell skilled engineers can happen in our factory in China, or at the site in customers’ country. Cost depends on where and when the training happens.

  • Warranty services

1 year free, including repairing quality-damaged parts, and offering replacements of selected parts (shipping cost is extra). 5% of the product price is charged for extending the warranty before the end of the official warranty.

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To discuss the problem and get it resolved, online chats, real-time video calls, and screen sharing are available as per customers’ comfort.

  • Return/Replacement

If quality problems cause any misfunction of Drawell products, free spare parts can be offered. In certain terms and conditions, the broken machines can be replaced within the warranty


Upgrading software for the device is provided within the warranty.