What is Raman Spectrometer?

Raman spectroscopy is a kind of vibrational spectroscopy technology based on the principle of inelastic scattering of light. Its band information reflects the frequency of molecular vibration and has nothing to do with the frequency of incident light. It is used to study the molecular structure of substances. It has rapid and sensitive identification of the “chemical fingerprint”, In-situ, non-destructive and other characteristics. At present, Raman spectrometers are widely used in food safety testing, polymer protein, nucleic acid structure analysis, metallurgy, geological detection, pharmaceutical chemical composition analysis, agricultural product quality monitoring, water quality analysis, involving chemicals, medicine, Materials, polymers, environment, life sciences, and many other fields.

Applications of Raman Spectrometer

DTR2000 and DTR3010 portable Raman spectrometers are suitable for field operation. The outstanding reliability makes the detection result much more accurate. The excellent low stray light conditions that enable the spectrometer has a wide range of application, especially in the biochemical analyzer, food safety, and pharmaceutical engineering. The multi-function software facilitated the spectral analysis process in the application. The remote experiment through internet access makes the bald test item much easier.

1. Biological science

2. Pharmaceutical engineering

3. Forensic analysis

4. Agriculture and food safety

5. Gemstone

6. Environmental science

application of Raman Spectrometer

Features of Raman Spectrometer

Raman Spectrometer

1. Ultra-high sensitive FFT-CCD with TEC cooling;

2. Ultra-low noise circuit;

3. Powerful embedded software;

4. Fluorescent background eliminate;

5. Peak searching and indicating;

6. 1’’ LCD;

7. Android 4.0 OS;

8. USB 2.0;

9. Touch operation;

10. Friendly HMI;

11. Battery Endurance > 3 hours;

12. Remote control via LAN;

13. IP67 case;

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