Drawell GJ-1000 High Pressure Gas Gene Gun

The high-pressure gas gene gun uses high-pressure gas as the power of particle bombardment technology to introduce nucleic acid-coated tungsten particles or gold particles with a size of about 1.5-3.0μm and Φ0.8-1.5μm into cells to achieve the effect of transfection. The use of gene gun for transfection is not only fast, simple, safe, and efficient but also suitable for both transient transfection and stable transfection. The instrument can be widely used for biolistic transformation of in situ, in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo samples.

Performance Characteristics of GJ-1000 Gene Gun

  1. Strong use of compressed gas to drive the gene gun, reducing technical difficulty and expanding the scope of application.
  2. Adopt biologically inert particulate carrier to reduce the risk of biological infection and improve specificity.
  3. The unique round transformation chamber of the bombardment chamber is removable for quick cleaning and disinfection.
  4. Adjustable and optimized between 3-12MPa.
  5. According to different receptors, flight membrane or steel membrane can be selected.
  6. Low cost.

Parameters of GJ-1000 Gene Gun

Target areaup to 40cm²
Pressure range3-12MPa
Target TypeAnimal: Cell and Organ Culture
Plants: Smaller whole plants, cultured cells, explants, Yeast, bacteria, other microbial cells, chloroplasts, mitochondria
Gas sourcehelium or nitrogen (helium is more optimized)
Metal particlesΦ0.8-1.5μm, Φ1.5-3μm