Actual Order Feedback

1. About Product Quality

  • We have an Australian customer who buy our centrifuge many times. In the first beginning, we received his inquiry.
  • After the discussion about product specifications and price, we finally confirmed the order.
  • Every big order starts with samples, and so does he.
  • Then he received the machine.
  • It works very well and our customer is satisfied with this machine.
  • So then, we start to discuss the order of 20 pcs.

  • Then we had in-depth cooperation of 50pcs machine.
  • In addition to this model, he also bought other models this year.

2. After-sale Service Support

(1) High Pressure Homogenizer

  • We have an American customer who bought high-pressure homogenizer machine in 2022.
  • The customer had a problem with the instrument during use.
  • Then we established WeChat group chat to communicate and help customers solve problems quickly and accurately through text and video.
  • Then after replacing accessories and resetting parameters, the machine back to normal work.

(2) X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

  • After one of our customers received the handheld X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (XRF), he had some problems with setting the curve.
  • Then our engineers provided video, text, and picture guidance to help the customer set the curve.
  • Customers are also very satisfied with our services.