VOCs Gas Analyzer

What is VOCs Gas Analyzer?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) meter or VOCs gas analyzer is used to test air, soil, and water for contaminants. Volatile organic compound analyzers are used in industry to measure pollutants in wastewater and in the air in and around factories, in agriculture, and in clean water and sewage monitoring.

Features of VOCs Gas Analyzer

  1. Highly integrated, extremely portable
  2. Excellent battery life, worry-free gas and electricity
  3. High temperature heat tracing, reduce loss
  4. Second-level analysis, one-click completion
  5. Explosion-proof design
  6. Easy to operate and a wide range vof accessories
  7. Measurement accuracy
EXPEC-3100-Portable VOC Gas Analyzer

Applications of VOCs Gas Analyzer

  1. Environmental audits and enforcement of fixed pollution sources and plant boundaries.
  2. Testing of non-methane total hydrocarbons by third-party testing companies.
  3. Assessment of the effectiveness of VOC pollution control facilities.
  4. Self-inspection of VOC emissions from chemical, printing, dyeing and painting enterprises
  5. On-site testing and regulation of kitchen fumes.
  6. On-site comparison and acceptance of automatic VOC monitoring systems.
  7. VOC emission testing of combustion unit exhaust gas.
Application of VOCs Gas Analyzer

Specifications of VOCs Gas Analyzer

Model DW-EXPEC3100 DW-EXPEC3200-115 DW-EXPEC3200-120 DW-EXPEC3200-200
Picture EXPEC-3100-Portable VOC Gas Analyzer DW-EXPEC3200 DW-EXPEC3200 DW-EXPEC3200-200
Detector FID and PID available Heating miniaturized dedicated flame ionization detector (FID) Heating miniaturized dedicated flame ionization detector (FID) Total hydrocarbons, methane and non-methane total hydrocarbons
Measurement range FID 1.0 ~ 50,000ppm methane; 0-30000 mg/m3 0-30000 mg/m3 ; (0-20/200/customizable) mg/m3
PID 0.5 ~ 2,000ppm isobutylene Non-Methane Total Hydrocarbon: 0.1~1000ppm(benzene)
Limit of detection FID 0.5ppm methane; PID 0.5ppm isobutene ≤0.1 ppm 0.1 ppm ≤0.07 mg/m3 (by carbon)
Repeatability <2% for FID 500ppm methane;
<1% for PID 100ppm isobutene
Qualitative repeatability: ≤0.5%;
Qualitative weight repeatability ≤2.0%
Non-Methane Total Hydrocarbon Qualitative repeatability: ≤0.5%; <1%
Benzene series Qualitative repeatability: ≤1%
Non-Methane Total Hydrocarbon Qualitative weight repeatability ≤2.0%; Benzene series Qualitative weight repeatability: ≤3%
Working temperature -10~45°C (0-180)°C (0-180)°C -20 ~ 50 ℃

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