Portable Energy Dispersion X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer DW-Cube-100S

The new Cube100S Portable Energy Dispersion X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer is designed for the onsite analysis of Sulfur in oils. This model fully meets onsite elements test in oils for the raw materials, production control, and finished products inspections.

Instrument Features


Small size and easy to carry

Net weight:4.5Kg. The instrument is convenient to carry.

The operator can perform the onsite analysis at anytime and anywhere.



Built-in PDA with the professional software for easy operation.

Power indicator

Power Indicator

Green indicator is on when the machine is power on.

Red in the indicator is on when the machine is testing.

With the built-in camera

With the built-in camera

The sample image can be saved and put into the testing report.

Technical Specification

Measurement range From P to U
Testing samples Solid, liquid and powder
Content range 30ppm—99.99%
Testing method EDXRF
Detector SDD detector, the lowest resolution reach to 125eV
Working Temperature -20℃~ +50℃
Humidity ≤90%
Detection limit 20ppm for Sulfur in fuel oil
Operation One key test
Testing time 30-130S
Size 212*258*258mm
Weight <4.5kg



SDD detector

X-ray tube

4W micro X-ray tube



Sample Chamber

X-ray from bottom

Radiation Safety system

The high voltage will be off when open the machine lid

Sample placement

reusable membrane sample cup, testing sample directly

Report print

by EXCEL file or portable Bluetooth printer (optional)

Carrying case

Multi-function instrument protection case, convenient for carrying

Testing Result

After testing, the data interface will show up.

The data interface includes the testing results and statistics.


Fully meet IMO2020 shipping Fuel S max 0.5% standard, which going to carry on 1st JAN, 2020 Year.

Fully meet MARPOL international Convention on shipping Fuel Oil Regulation ISO8217-2010 for S analyzer.