X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer DW-EDX3300S

Controlling the sulfur content in petrochemical products, especially in oil products (such as gasoline, diesel, lubricating oil, etc.) has become the focus of environmental protection worldwide.

When oil with high sulfur content is combusted, carbon dioxide will be generated and then cooled to generate water. Water and sulfur are combined to generate sulfurous acid or sulfuric acid which will corrode the engine.

When large amounts of sulfur oxides get into the air, air pollution can be caused, including forming acid rain. Excessive sulfate will be formed after the sulfur in gasoline is combusted, and will be attached to the precious metal coating surface of the catalyst, resulting in excessive emissions of automobile exhaust. Therefore, it is very important to reduce the sulfur content in gasoline.

DW-EDX 3300S X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer complies with national standards, including the Limits and measurement methods for emissions from light-duty vehicles (CHINA 5), GB252-2015, GB/T17040-2008,etc., and international standards, including ASTM 7039 and so on.

Application of X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer DW-EDX3300S

Petrochemical engineering, crude oil exploration and refining, liquid element analysis, refined oil, refinery product line monitoring.

application of Sulfur Analyzer

Features of X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer DW-EDX3300S

  • Small and exquisite appearance, simple and integrated design equipped with integrated computer, can be used in both vehicles and laboratories.
  • Vacuum system with no need to fill with helium, reducing test costs.
  • Ultra-short test distance, improving the precision of tested samples.
  • Down-lighting design , avoiding light tube and beryllium window being contaminated by sample volatilization; capable of measuring light oil such as gasoline and diesel , and improving measurement precision.
  • High excitation efficiency side-window, high-power X-ray tube, most advanced SDD detector, and good heat dissipation ensure the high efficiency and stability of the test.
  • Automatic calibration after power on, ensuring consistent test precision.
  • Intelligent sulfur measuring and analyzing software, one-click operation, intelligent algorithm equipped for detecting low-content sulfur, high-content sulfur and different oil, no need to manually select curves, reducing test error resulted from manual curve selection.
  • X-ray shielded design for safe operation.

Technical Parameters of X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer DW-EDX3300S

Analyzed Element

S, Cl

Analysis Range


Limit of Detection



Special for petroleum element analysis

Integrated PC

10” industrial tablet PC

Analytical Precision

10ppm , the precision can be controlled to <10%

Measuring Time


Measuring Object

Liquid , Solid , Powder

Working Voltage


Working Temperature





0.06m3  (can be mounted on vehicle)



Testing Results of X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer DW-EDX3300S

Repeatability Data
Actual Content/No 0.0 ppm 5.0 ppm 10.0 ppm
1 0.7 5.2 9.8
2 0 4.8 9.4
3 0.9 5.5 9.3
4 0 4.6 9
5 0 5 10.7
6 1.5 4.5 9.9
7 0 5.6 10.4
8 0 5.4 10.1
9 1 6.3 10.2
10 0 4.9 10.3
11 0 6.1 10.5
Standard Deviation 0.56 0.6 0.52
Testing results indicate that the stability of light oil is excellent and the results are precise. National V Standard can be fully complied with.

Linear Graph

Testing Spectrum of Gasoline Samples

Linear Graph
Testing Spectrum of Gasoline Samples