DW-CS-8820 Type High-frequency Infrared Carbon&Sulfur Analyzer


  1. Adopting the double CPU design, electronic circuit integration degree is highly, steady and reliable, which can settle the high-frequency interference thoroughly.
  2. The special new platinum infrared light source, Gold plated carbon sulfur analysis pool and high precision pyroelectric infrared detector to make the apparatus’ measurement more accurate.
  3. Adopting the high power and quick frequency circuit design, which using 6KVA high frequency power tube(actual use of power is about 2.5KVA, it can turn on to work itself), to reduce the high frequency combustion system load and to increase the using time.
  4. Furnace head automatic cleaning device, patent technology supply system and -0.4mm amd hole metal filter to make the dust and gas seperated, reducing the dust on the result of analysis.
  5. Specialized analysis software of many different language owns following functions: curve/data storage, blank deduction, parameter determination, channel choosing, data statistics, results correction, breakpoint correction, curve comparison, system diagnosis, automatic/manual printing analysis results etc.

Application Fields

Infrared Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer, with infrared analysis techniques and arc burner, Testing the mass fraction of C, S of steel, iron, alloy, mold and cores, nonferrous metal, cement, ore, coke, catalyst, magnetic materials, ceramic, inorganic substance, black lead, refractory matter, battery matter, plant and other materials.

Main Technical Parameters

Measuring range C: 0.0001%-10.0000% (can extend to 99.9999%)  
S: 0.0001%-3.5000% (can extend to 99.9999%)
Analysis of error With GB / T20123-2006/ ISO15350: 2000 standard
Analysis time 25-60 seconds can be set ( usually 35 seconds)
High frequency furnace power ≥2.7KVA Oscillation frequency:20MHz
Electronic balance weight the sample in variable amount  Accuracy of reading:0.0001g
Working environment indoor temperature:10-30℃,relative humidity:<90%
Power supply voltage:AC220V±5%,frequency:50Hz±2%
Oxygen Purity: ≥99.5%,  input pressure : 0.18MPa + 5%

Spare Parts List

Name specification Unit Qty Remarks
Pressure reducing valve   Piece 1 With a special connector
Tungsten particle   Kg 1  
Pure iron Taigang C bottle 1  
Quartz tube   Piece 1 With this machine
Dust  cleaning tube   Piece 2  
Copper crucible supporting   Piece 1  
Porcelain crucible supporting   Piece 2 With this machine
Porcelain crucible   Carton 1  
Stainless steel brush   Piece 2  
Steel brush   Piece 1  
Tweezers   Piece 1  
Samples of spoon Large, medium and small Set 1  
Paint brush   Piece 1  
Combination tool   Set 1  
PVC tube 4mm×6mm Meter 10  
Silicone Red Piece 1  
O type Ring 13mm×1.9mm Piece 2  
O type Ring 37mm×3.1mm Piece 2  
Vacuum silicone   bottle 1  
Fuse 4A、20A Piece 2  
Fast-plug connectors PC06-01 Piece 2  
Fast-plug connectors PC06-02 Piece 2  
Multi-purpose socket 10A Piece 1  
Chip 2003 Piece 2  
Chip TLP521-4 Piece 2  
Desiccant 125g/ bottle bottle 1  
Ash discharge tube silica gel Piece 1