Benchtop Low-Speed centrifuge TD4Z-WS

TD4Z-WS is suitable for routine sample analysis in medical, hospital, pathology, and institutional laboratories. With a wide variety of accessories, they can be also used for the preparation of samples in industrial and research laboratories.

Features of TD4Z-WS Benchtop Low-speed Centrifuge

  1. Adopt the steel structure, which is safer, simple-compact, light-weight and low-noise.
  2. Digital display and adopt control system realizing microprocessor control, it control rotate speed, relative centrifuge force.
  3. Maintenance-free frequency conversion motor, can prevent over-speed operation.
LCD Display
Digital Display

Technical parameters of TD4Z-WS

ModelTD4Z-WSMotorBrushless DC Motor
Max Speed0-4000rpmSpeed Accuracy±10rpm
Max RCF2680xgDisplayDigital display


No.1 Angle RotorMax Speed:4000r/minCapacity:12×10ml ARMax RCF:2680xgNo.2 Angle RotorMax Speed:4000r/minCapacity:18×10ml ARMax RCF:2680xg
No.3 Angle Rotor Max Speed:4000r/minCapacity:12×15ml ARMax RCF:2680xgNo.4 Angle RotorMax Speed:4000r/minCapacity:24×10ml ARMax RCF:2680xg
No.5 Angle RotorMax Speed:4000r/minCapacity:12×20ml ARMax RCF:2680xgNo.6 Angle RotorMax Speed:4000r/minCapacity:6/4×50ml ARMax RCF:2680xg

TD4Z-WS Low Speed Centrifuge Display

Rotor of Benchtop Low-Speed centrifuge TD4Z-WS
Rotor of Benchtop Low-Speed centrifuge TD4Z-WS

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