Benchtop Automatic Balance Low-Speed centrifuge TDZ5-WS

TDZ5-WS low speed centrifuge are widely used in medical and Biological Field, Health Examination center, and laboratories etc.

Technical Parameters

  1. Stainless Steel Chamber, Full metal structure and microprocessor controlled
  2. Safety Interlock system that prevents opening the centrifuge lid during running.
  3. With Emergency lid lock release, in case of power off.
  4. Imbalance sensor, Over speed
  5. 10 programs can be stored, quickly recall the last used program.
  6. With air cooling fans to avoid high temperature with long time working.
  7. Digital or LCD display for choose, which indicated the Speed, time, RCF etc.
Digital Display
LCD Display
TD5-WS-Intelligent Type
Intelligent Type

Technical Parameters

Model TDL-5Y
Power 110/220V 50Hz
Max speed 5000r/min
Speed Accuracy ±30rpm
Max RCF 4390xg
No.1 Swing Rotor 28×10ml
No.2 Swing Rotor 8×50ml
No.3 Swing Rotor 4×100ml
Temp Range 10°C-80°C
Timer Range 0~99min
Noise <68dB(A)
Weight (without Rotor) 100kg
Dimensions 725×580×460mm(L×W×H)
Rotor No. Rotor Capacity Speed (r/min) RCF (xg)
No.1 Angle Rotor 12×10/15ml 5500 5220
No.2 Swing Rotor 4×100ml 4000 3020
No.3 Swing Rotor 8×50ml 4000 3020
8×100ml 4000 3020
No.4 Swing Rotor 32×10/15ml 4000 3020
No.5 Swing Rotor 24×10/15ml 4000 3020
No.6 Swing Rotor 16×10/15ml 4000 3020
No.7 Swing Rotor 48×5ml 4000 3020
No.8 Swing Rotor 4×250ml 4000 3300
48×10/15ml 4000 3000
No.9 Swing Rotor   72×2/5ml   2300
No.10 Micro plates 2×2×96holes 4000  

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TDZ5-WS Centrifuge