DW-GI Series Vertical Autoclave

  • DW-GI-TW: Fully automatic with a cooling fan                         
  • DW-GI-TR: DW-GI TW+semi automatic drying, if need fully automatic drying need to add 530USD.

Advanced Functions of DW-GI Series Vertical Autoclave

  1. Colorful LCD screen

LCD screen with English and Chinese choice, using text, data, and graphical methods to dynamically display various statuses, the sterilization process is clear at a glance.

  1. 6 level of exhaust speed control(TW,TR,TP only)

After sterilization, you can choose different exhaust speed, and you can adjust it freely at any time of exhausting.

  1. Condenser(Option)

Equipped with a professional condenser, the steam generated during the sterilization process is conve-rted into water through the condenser, achieving zero discharge of water vapor/mist.

  1. F0 value caculation

FO value is automatic caculated, can print out by micro-printer.

  1. Drying(TR only)

Fully automatic drying: Equipped with an air pump and a 0.2um air filter, it automatically starts drying after sterilization. After sterilization, clean air will be put in to replace the wet air inside, so as to improve drying efficiency. (Fully automatic drying is an option for TR only)

  1. Vacuum pump(TP only)

OriDW-GInal imported vacuum pump from Germany, with good vacuum effect.

  1. Biosafety function (TWS, TRS only)

Use a 0.2 μm PTFE filter packed in a housing to ensure that no biohazard aerosols, microorganisms and viruses are passing out through the filter during exhausting, so as to ensure the biology safety of the lab.

  1. Vacuum drying(TP only)

Set drying temperature and time, and start vacuum drying after sterilization.

  1. 5 level access permission

The operation permissions for instruments are divided into five levels, with each level of user

having an independent password and multiple IDs that can be assigned. Each level of user has limited access to certain usage permissions.

  1. Fast cooling fan

To shorten cooling process after sterilization.

  1. Auto water fill(Option)

Offer pipe and pump to connect to the direct water supply to achieve automatic water feeding, must be added while production.

  1. Dedorization(TX only)

A unique odor treatment system that can absorb odors and remove smell generated during the sterilization process, ensuring fresh laboratory air.

  1. Air inlet filter(TX, TP as standard, TR as option)

Filtration is higher than 99.99% in particles with diameter of 0.2 μm.

  1. Monitor of exhaust filter(TWS, TRS only)

Exhaust filter is put inside a pressure resistant housing(stainless steel material) with an extra PT100 temperature sensor to monitor the temperature, so as to make sure the filter and housing are also being sterilized thoroughly, and will not lead to secondary biohazard pollution.

  1. Fully automatic drying(TR only)

Equipped with an air pump and a 0.2um air filter, it automatically starts drying after sterilization. After sterilization, clean air will be put in to replace the wet air inside, so as to improve drying efficiency.

Intelligent Features of DW-GI Series Vertical Autoclave

Calibration port

Offer temp. and pressure interface, together with the 3Q adapter joints, can insert max 15 sensors one time to do the calibration work.

Program memory storage system

User can set their own program, and save in system.

Saturated steam monitoring

The system automatically monitors the purge out of cold air to ensure the pure steam environment.

Special software for drug packing materials(option)

The product meets the 2020 Chinese Pharmacopoeia or EP10.2 standards.

Hommization of DW-GI Series Vertical Autoclave

Just right depth

Conforming to ergonomics, the chamber depths of 29/54/80/100L

chamber is 378/725/670/780 (mm), making it easy to take and

place samples and maintain the instrument

Front water tank

Front water tank, easy to plug in and out. (TW/TX only)

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Safety Features of DW-GI Series Vertical Autoclave

  1. Nice look: The lid and bench corners are covered with insulation to avoid getting scald
  2. Interlock: Only when the temperature and pressure are safe inside, can the door be opened. If the door is not closed in place, it cannot start working.
  3. Double protectionfor over pressure: Mechanical pressure gauge and electric sensing system, once pressure is abnormal, system will cut power, release the pressure and send out an alarm.
  4. Safety test function: Regular testing of system security and safety protection measures is possible.
  5. Electrical production: Prevention for over current, short ciucuit and electricity leakage.
  6. Lid closing check: Machine can not start if the lid is not locking well by checking mechanically and electrically.
  7. Triple protection for water shortage: The bottom of the sterilization chamber is equipped with three different dry burning protection devices: liquid expansion type, copper temperature sensing type, and electric ion type(water level sensor), to avoid misjudgment caused by a single method.
  8. Auto troubleshooting: System will monitor the working status, and will cut the power, send out an alarm, and report the error information once any abnormal situation is detected.
  9. Temperature monitor: Power cut and alaraming sent, if there is temperature is too high or temperature1ising is abnormal.
  10. Saturated steam monitoring: The system automatically monitors the purge out of cold air to ensure a pure steam environment.

Specification of DW-GI Series Vertical Autoclave

6 level exhaust speed 
Auto water fillOptionOptionOptionStandard
Deodorization6-level exhaust speed 
Drying——Standard(Semi-automatic drying)Option(fully automatic drying)——Vacuum drying
Cooling fanStandardStandardStandard 2 pcsStandard 2 pcs
Access permission5 level5 level5 level5 level
USB portStandardStandardStandardStandard
Sterilization recordStandardStandardStandardStandard
Printing setOptionOptionOptionJust need printer
Display systemLCDLCDLCDLCD
Load thermometer
(floating PT100 sensor)
Auto drainageOptionOptionOptionOption
Steam collecting wayInternalInternalInternalInternal
Load thermometer(floating PT100 sensor) ————Standard
Auto cleaningOptionOptionOptionOption
Digital pressure sensorOptionOptionOptionStandard
Inlet air filter——OptionStandardStandard
Air pump——OptionStandardStandard
S Biosafety functionDW-GI-TWS onlyDW-GI-TRS only————
  • Note: Requirements for sterilization water: distilled water (conductivity not less than 3μS/cm)
  • When configured as an S biosafety type, a condenser is standard.

Spare Part Option of DW-GI Series Vertical Autoclave

DW-GI Vertical Autoclave 2

Specification of DW-GI Series Vertical Autoclave

ModelStandardStandard DW-GI29TWDW-GI54TWDW-GI80TWDW-GI100TW
DifferenceDW-GI-TW: Fully automatic with cooling fan                         
DW-GI-TR: DW-GI-TW+semi automatic drying, if need fully automatic drying need to add
Chamber dimension (Dia*H)(mm)Φ320×378Φ320×725Φ400×700Φ400×800
Rated power(W)230026004600(2900 as option)4600
Sus304 basket size(pcs)(Φ298×260)x1(Φ298×195)x3(Φ360×275)x2(Φ360×215)x3
Power requirement220V±10% 16A 50HZ/60HZ220V±10% 32A 50HZ/60HZ
Temperature diTPlay accuracy0.1℃
Working environment5℃~40℃ Relative humidity ≤85%
Chamber materialSUS304 stainless steel (316L as option)
Sterilization temp.range105℃~135℃
Sterilization time range1~6000 min
Melting temp. range60℃~115℃
Melting time1~6000 min
Warming temp.45℃~79℃
Warming time1~9999 min
Memory function60 program saved in system, 999 cycles saved by USB
Appointment timer rangeAuto start up appointment)0~15 days
Exhaust TPeed controlFully automatic internal discharging with 6 levels choice
Sterilization modeLiquid, liquid with warming, solid, wrapped instrument, fabric, rubber, fast, waste, agar, self-defined Drying(TR、TP only), Vacuum leak test(TP only), BD test(TP only)
Drying(TR、TP only)Drying time: 1~300min Drying temp.: 80~160℃
Controller“SMART III” smart microcomputer controller
Cooling wayFast cooling fan
Pressure gauge range-0.1~0.5MPa
Pressure valve set pressure0.29Mpa
Vacuum pumpPulse times: 1~9 times Vacuum degree:≤-80kpa Vacuum leakage rate (per min)<0.13kpa
Safety deviceLid closing checking, dry scorch protection, safety valve, water level sensor, over temperature/pressure protection, temperature/pressure monitor,
electricity safety(over current/short circuit/leakage), cooling lock, anti-scald lid and bench corner, automatic troubleshooting

Note: Baskets can also be customized, as well as melting and warming temperature ranges.

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