DWT-BA Series Pulsating Vacuum Table Top Steam Sterilizer

  • Automatic door switch
  • Automatic water
  • Quality stainless steel inner tank, sealed cover
  • Microcomputer control
  • Safety interlocking device
  • With drying function
  • With BD test, HELIX test, and Vacuum test.
  • LED display and inductive operation
  • Equipped with standard test interface
  • European CLASS B standard.
  • With automatic protection function: over temperature protection, overpressure protection, low water level protection, anti-dry burning, safety door lock.
  • Three times per-vacuum
  • Buzzer reminder after sterilization, automatic stop.
  • Automatic discharge of cold air, and automatic steam exhaust after sterilization.
  • Built-in steam generator to provide saturated steam quickly
  • With built-in printer, USB function, and U disk

Specifications of DWT-BA Series Pulsating Vacuum Table Top Steam Sterilizer

 Technical parameter / ModelDWT-18BADWT-23BADWT-45BA
Design pressure0.25MPa
Design temperature139℃
Rated working pressure0.22MPa
Rated working temperature134℃
Chamber volume∅250×370∅250×470∅316×615
Outer dimension620×505×450505×710×450657×870×575
Packing size(L×W×H)670×560×510760×560×510980×750×630
Gross/net weight62/53kg65/58kg142/105kg