K5600/K5600C Nano Spectrophotometer (with cuvette)

  • The K5600 ultra-micro spectrophotometer is a new full-wavelength ultra-micro spectrophotometer, which can be used to detect nucleic acids, proteins, cell solutions, microarray samples, and conventional full-wavelength scanning.
  • At the same time, there are a dark room and a detection platform, and you can choose two measurement modes: cuvette and detection platform.

Instrument Characteristics of K5600/K5600C Nano Spectrophotometer

  • Platform material: stainless steel and quartz fiber
  • Data can be transferred via USB port or network
  • No need to warm up, boot at any time
  • Save data permanently, you can export or delete it at any time
  • Built-in WIFI for remote assistance
  • Unlimited print test results
  • The built-in detection system, high-definition touch screen

Instrument Parameters

Optical path: 1/0.5/0.05mm automatic conversion

Optical range: 190-1100nm

Sample volume: 0.3-2.0μl

Light source: long life xenon lamp

Detector: 3864 linear CCD array

Wavelength scanning range: 190-850nm

Wavelength accuracy: ±1nm

Wavelength resolution: 2nm (FWHM Hg 546nm)

Absorbance accuracy: 0.002Abs

Absorbance accuracy: 1% (0.76 absorbance at 350nm)

Absorbance range: 0.002-300 (equivalent to 10mm optical path)

Nucleic acid range: 0.4-15000 ng/μl (DS-DNA)

Protein range: 0.01-400mg/ml (BSA)

Built-in fiber to avoid fiber breakage caused by external force collision, resulting in chaotic

measurement results

Measurement results are automatically saved to spreadsheet mode

Globally unique permanent hard drive save history data function

Detection time: less than 5s

K5600C Cuvette Parameters

Trial cuvette specifications (light path): 1/2/5/10mm

Cuvette minimum volume: 50μl

Sample level height: 5mm

Type: Recyclable micro cuvette

Cuvette darkroom: standard cuvette darkroom, suitable for multi-size cuvettes

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