Intelligent High & Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge TGD-22MC

TGD-22MC intelligent centrifuge is available with a wide range of angle rotors and horizontal rotors, and exceptional versatility. It has fast speed up and speeds down functions, maximum speed 22000r/min, minimum speed 4000r/min. TGD-22MC is useful for routine application in laboratory, biotechnology, PCR, life science, clinical labs, etc. This is suitable for routine sample analysis in medical, hospital, and institutional laboratories.

Features of Refrigerated Centrifuge TGD-22MC

  1. Microprocessor control, speed control by frequency-conversion and CFC compressor. Maintenance free Frequency-conversion motor without carbon dust pollution.
  2. Advanced door lid control system can both electric control open and close door lid, also equipped with emergency lid lock release to avoid power off unexpected.
  3. 10 programs can be stored, quickly recall the last used program.
  4. Automatic rotor identification to avoid over speed running by mistake operate.
  5. Easy operation, 7 inches LCD touch panel, shows all parameters in screen .
  6. With Emergency lid lock release, in case of power off.
  7. Error minder for wrong operate or problem.

Technical Parameters of Refrigerated Centrifuge TGD-22MC

ModelTGD-22MCSpeed  Accuracy±10r/min
Max Speed22000r/minTimer Range1s~99h59mins 59s
Max RCF34700xgTemp Range-20℃~ +40℃
DisplayLCD Touch displayMax Capacity4x 7500ml
Noise≤60dB(A)Power SupplyAC220v&110V 50Hz 10A

Rotors of Refrigerated Centrifuge TGD-22MC

No.1 TGD-22MC No.1 Max Speed:22000r/min No.2 TGD-22MC No.2 Max Speed:16500r/min
Capacity:12×1.5/2.2ml AR Capacity:8/10/12x5ml
Max RCF:34700xg Max RCF:18360xg
No.3 TGD-22MC No.3 Max Speed:12000r/min No.4 TGD-22MC No.4 Max Speed:13500r/min
Capacity:12x10ml AR Capacity:24×1.5/2.2ml AR
Max RCF:14800xg Max RCF:17000xg
No.5 TGD-22MC No.5 Max Speed:13500r/min No.6 TGD-22MC No.6 Max Speed:14000r/min
Capacity:18×0.5ml AR Capacity:36×1.5/2.2ml AR
Max RCF:17000xg Max RCF:18200xg
No.7 TGD-22MC No.7 Max Speed:13000r/min No.8 TGD-22MC No.8 Max Speed:10000r/min
Capacity:6x50ml AR Capacity:4×100ml AR
Max RCF:17940xg Max RCF:9800xg
No.9 TGD-22MC No.9 Max Speed:4000r/min No.10 TGD-22MC No.10 Max Speed:15000r/min
Capacity:2x2x48 holes Capacity:6x30ml AR
Max RCF:1760xg Max RCF:23120xg
No.11 TGD-22MC No.11 Max Speed:13000r/min No.12 TGD-22MC No.12 Max Speed:5000r/min
Capacity:6×15ml AR Capacity:12×15/10ml
Max RCF:15100xg Max RCF:4390xg
No.13 TGD-22MC No.13 Max Speed:4000r/min No.14 TGD-22MC No.14 Max Speed:4000r/min
Capacity:48×10/15/7/5ml SR Capacity:4x250ml SR
Max RCF:3020xg Max RCF:3020xg
No.15 TGD-22MC No.15 Max Speed:4000r/min No.16 TGD-22MC No.16 Max Speed:4000r/min
Capacity:6x500ml SR Capacity:4×500/750ml SR
Max RCF:4390xg Max RCF:3600xg