The vacuum freeze dryer is the full name of the lab freeze dryer. In the research and development of pharmaceutical preparations, the vacuum freezing method can preserve the active ingredients of drugs. It is a commonly used freeze dryer lab equipment. The ingredients of pharmaceutical preparations are ever-changing, and the requirements for freeze-drying are relatively strict. During the experimental research and development of preparations, high-performance freeze-dryer lab equipment is selected, which can meet the requirements of freeze-drying process conditions and data research and development. The following introduces freeze-drying, lab freeze dryers, and the technical requirements for the development of lab freeze dryers in pharmaceutical preparation laboratories.

 freeze dryer lab equipment

A brief introduction to Freeze-drying in pharmaceutical formulations

Freeze-drying is a common method for preparing pharmaceutical formulations containing structurally complex active ingredients and drug delivery system carriers. Solidification at lower temperatures can significantly improve the storage stability of proteins, peptides, antibiotics, vaccines, and liposomes that are marginally stable in aqueous solutions. Thus, protein and ultramacromolecular drug delivery systems can counteract the physical stress associated with freezing and storage by displacing the intermolecular interactions provided by water molecules. Some excipients embed the active ingredient in a glassy solid with low molecular mobility, thereby reducing the chemical reactivity of the protein. The use of proper excipients and process controls is important to protect proteins during freeze-drying.

A brief introduction to the lab freeze dryer

Lab freeze dryer is a technical method that pre-freezes water-containing items, and then sublimates their moisture in a vacuum state to obtain dry items. Freeze-dried items are easy to store for a long time. After adding water to the vacuum freeze dryer, they can return to the state before freeze-drying and maintain the original biochemical characteristics. The lab freeze dryer is widely used in pharmaceuticals, biological products, chemical, and food industries. For heat-sensitive substances such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, enzyme hormones, and other biological products, freeze-drying technology can show its superiority.

Advantages of lab freeze dryers

It is safe, very high moisture removal rate, low vacuum, and low sample temperature, and is suitable for temperature-sensitive samples. Besides, the lab freeze dryer can be precisely controlled and can maintain sample properties, and good resolubility and the shelf heating temperature can be precisely controlled.

Vertical Freeze Dryer With Heating Function System

Requirements for lab freeze dryers in pharmaceutical Formulations

Different organic solvents or other preparations are mixed in the pharmaceutical preparations during the experiment, so the low-temperature lab freeze dryer is necessary when the freezing temperature is relatively low. The reason is that this type of lab freeze dryer can freeze preparations into a solid during the pre-freezing process. In the drying process of the lab freeze dryer, the effect on the drug preparation needs to be considered while considering the efficiency. The lower the impact on the drug during the entire low-temperature freeze-drying process, the better. This is to ensure that the active ingredient is retained without deformation, color change, and instant solubility.

Therefore, the lab-scale freeze dryer developed by the pharmaceutical preparation laboratory adopts in-situ pre-freezing, and the material of the equipment is 304 or 316 stainless steel considering the organic solvent content of the pharmaceutical preparation. The pre-freezing temperature is -60~-80°C, the cooling rate is 1°C/min, the ultimate vacuum of the freeze dryer lab equipment is 1pa with a septum valve, and the box is equipped with a mirror and a lamp.

The freeze dryer lab equipment has functions such as curve temperature control, vacuum fine-tuning, program setting, data record storage, authority management, remote control, and endpoint judgment, matching the computer PLC electric control system. The lab freeze dryer can meet the freeze-drying requirements of various drug research and development experiments, such as volatility and sterility requirements. Because the setting and modification of the process in the R&D process, the analysis of data and the judgment of the freeze-drying effect are very important, so the equipment performance and technical indicators of the lab freeze dryer determine the reliability and integrity of the R&D.

Lab freeze dryers are widely used in the research and development of pharmaceutical preparations. Choosing a good freeze dryer lab equipment(how to choose a freeze dryer?) is conducive to the research and development of freeze-drying processes. It improves the efficiency of freeze-drying and is conducive to the optimization of freeze-drying process data and post-production transformation.

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