DW-20F In-situ Silicone Oil Heating Freeze Dryer

F series freeze dryer is Silicone Oil Heating type, Pre freeze drying process at in situ situations, reduce the complicate operation from the drying process, become automatically; This series has two types: ordinary type and Top Press type.

Features of DW-20F Silicone Oil Heating Freeze-Drying Machine

  1. Shelf temperature differences ± 1 ℃, dry effect uniform;
  2. Intermediate medium circulation technique, the shelf can refrigeration, heating, temperature adjustable, controllable, pilot-scale test and production process;
  3. Due to the drying chamber and cold trap for fission structure, a special gas circuit designed, to capture water ability is strong, and drying time is short;
  4. Embedded touch screen, PLC controlled and PID temperature-controlled display lyophilized curve and history curve;
  5. The Control system can be stored 40 freeze-dry process programs, each program can have 40 temperature settings, and can choose the manual operation and automatic operation, the Top-Press type is equipped with an automatic defrost function;
  6. Optional eutectic point test device;
  7. U disk data available;
  8. Equipped with PC software can print curve, browsing curve, and modify data;
  9. The square tray is shaped not easily to deformed, easy to operate and clean;
  10. Can be configured charging valve, rechargeable dry inert gas;
  11. The drying chamber adopts high light colorless transparent organic glass door, in the operation process can be observed clearly the change material process;
  12. Refrigeration system using overlap refrigeration technology, low refrigeration temperature, large refrigerating capacity, and adopt imported closed compressor, high efficient and reliable, low noise.

Specifications of the DW-20F Freeze Dryer

Drying chamber DW-20F Ordinary Top-Press
Drying Area 0.21 m2 0.21 m2
No.of Tray 2+1 layer 2+1 layer
Temp. Range -55~60 ℃ -55~60 ℃
Shelf Gap 70 mm 70 mm
Shelf Size 400mm×270mm 400mm×270mm
Capture water trap φ22  Schering bottles 430 430
φ16  Schering bottles 810 810
φ12  Schering bottles 1300 1300
Temperature <-70℃(No-load) <-70℃(No-load)
Ability to Capture Water 4Kg/24h 4Kg/24h
Parameters Power 3 kw 3kw
Power Supply 110-115V or 220-240V 50/60Hz 110-115V or 220-240V 50/60Hz
Plate Load Capacity 3 L 1.5 L
Electric Defrost  
Vacuum <5 Pa <5 Pa
Dimension 750×640×1200 mm 750×640×1200 mm
Drying chamber shape square square
Picture   1397820545275457537 1397820624614912001

DW-20F Freeze Dryer Display

DW-20F In-situ Silicone Oil Heating Freeze Dryer

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