DW-30F In-situ Silicone Oil Heating Freeze Dryer

F series freeze-dryer is Silicone Oil Heating type, Pre-freeze drying process at in situ situations, reduce the complicate operation from the drying process, become automatically; This series has two types: ordinary type and Top-Press type.

Features of DW-30F Silicone Oil Heating Freeze-Drying Machine

  1. Shelf temperature differences ± 1 ℃, dry effect uniform;
  2. Intermediate medium circulation technique, the shelf can refrigeration, heating, temperature adjustable, controllable, pilot-scale test and production process;
  3. Due to the drying chamber and cold trap for fission structure, a special gas circuit designed, to capture water ability is strong, and drying time is short;
  4. Embedded touch screen, PLC controlled and PID temperature-controlled display lyophilized curve and history curve;
  5. The Control system can be stored 40 freeze-dry process programs, each program can have 40 temperature settings, and can choose the manual operation and automatic operation, the Top-Press type is equipped with an automatic defrost function;
  6. Optional eutectic point test device;
  7. U disk data available;
  8. Equipped with PC software can print curve, browsing curve, and modify data;
  9. The square tray is shaped not easily to deformed, easy to operate and clean;
  10. Can be configured charging valve, rechargeable dry inert gas.
  11. The drying chamber adopts high light colorless transparent organic glass door, in the operation process can be observed clearly the change of material process;
  12. Refrigeration system using overlap refrigeration technology, low refrigeration temperature, large refrigerating capacity, and adopt imported closed compressor, high efficient and reliable, low noise.
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Specifications of the Freeze Dryer

Drying chamber DW-30F Ordinary Top-Press
Drying Area 0.3 m2 0.3 m2
No.of Tray 3+1 layer 3+1 layer
Temp. Range -70~70 ℃ -70~70 ℃
Shelf Gap 50 mm 70 mm
Shelf Size 400mm×270mm 400mm×270mm
Capture water trap φ22  Schering bottles 540 540
φ16  Schering bottles 1080 1080
φ12  Schering bottles 1950 1950
Temperature -70℃(No-load) -70℃(No-load)
Ability to Capture Water 6Kg/24h 6Kg/24h
Parameters Power 2.1 kw 2.1kw
Power Supply 110-115V or 220-240V 50/60Hz 110-115V or 220-240V 50/60Hz
Plate Load Capacity 3 L 3 L
Electric Defrost  
Vacuum <10 Pa <10 Pa
Dimension 630×800×1400 mm 1060×700×1500 mm
Drying chamber shape square square
Picture   1397822200901464065 1397822239111573506

DW-30F Freeze Dryer Display

DW-30F In-situ Silicone Oil Heating Freeze Dryer

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