The freeze dryer is a new type of device that integrates a refrigeration system, vacuum system, heat conduction oil heating system, and dehumidification system. It can use the front cabin space to dry. In the process of freeze drying, if there is a fault, it is easy to affect the working process. It is necessary to understand the problem and the corresponding solutions to eliminate the problem in time. Firstly we learn the more and more widespread applications of freeze dryers.

freeze dryer

Wide Uses of Freeze Dryer

The application scenario of freeze dryer is mainly laboratory. The lab freeze dryer is applicable to the drying of high-grade raw materials such as medicine, marine organisms, chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc. In the past decade, the freeze-drying industry has gained rapid development and its application field has gradually expanded. In the field of life science research, vacuum freeze-drying technology can be used for the research of antibodies, proteins, tissues, and microorganisms, so it has been widely used in biopharmaceuticals. In the pharmaceutical industry, freeze-drying is widely used to prepare vaccines and antibiotics.

lab freeze dryer

Common Problems and Solutions During the Use of Freeze Dryer

The indoor temperature is greater than 30°C
The vacuum freeze dryer needs to operate in a suitable environment. When the indoor temperature is greater than 30°C, the condenser may not be able to exert the condensing effect, causing system failure. At this time, the maintenance method is that if the indoor temperature is around 28°C, the user can open the back door of the condenser or the door of the room to optimize the ventilation and cooling conditions.

The humidity in the environment is too high
When the humidity in the environment is high, it is easy to cause electrical failure or short circuits. In view of this situation, the solution is to adopt ventilation equipment or open windows for ventilation thus reducing humidity.

The power supply voltage is unstable
It is understood that the average working power supply voltage of the freeze dryer is 215V-380V. After the voltage deviates from the allowable range, the compressor cannot work effectively or even can’t operate at all. For the unstable power supply voltage, the solution is to replace the qualified power supply when the power supply voltage is unqualified. When the power supply voltage is varying, AVR (220V) or voltage stabilizer can be added to the original working power supply.

Too much dust on the freeze dryer or in the environment
According to the survey, if there is too much dust on the condenser and compressor, it is easy to make the condenser unable to achieve the condensation effect, which directly affects the use efficiency of the compressor. Therefore, regular dust removal is indispensable. It is proposed that if there is too much dust in the environment, regularly removing the dust cover on the compressor and condenser every month is essential. In order to prevent damage to the freeze dryer, the dust on the compressor, condenser, and pipeline can be removed with a soft brush.

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