DW-10ND Desktop Freeze Dryer With Heating Function System

The ND series freeze dryer adds heating to the N-series, accelerating the drying process, saving energy, and providing heating curve settings with a variety of drying solutions for laboratory use.


  • Ordinary type: Suitable for bulk materials, liquids and solids drying.
  • Top-Press type: Suitable for the drying of Schering bottled material, the vacuum bag can be sealed and sealed by the sample, including the common type of using function.
  • Ordinary multi-manifold type: Suitable for bulk materials or small materials of freeze-dried, while the external freeze-dried bottles, eggplant-shaped bottles, jars.
  • Top-Press multi-manifold type: Contains the use of ordinary multi-manifold features, enabling the vacuum bagging of the sample envelope, to meet most of the laboratory technical requirements.

Features of DW-10ND Desktop Freeze Dryer

  1. The machine uses the international brand Danfoss compressor refrigeration, refrigeration quickly, cold trap temperature is low.
  2. 7-inch true color touch LCD screen control system, easy to operate, and powerful.
  3. Industrial embedded operating system, ARM9 core control circuit design, 32M memory 128M FLASH, the operation response speed, large amount of stored data.
  4. The control system automatically saves the freeze-dried data, and can be a real-time curve and historical curve in the form of view, the entire freeze-drying process clear.
  5. The drying room with colorless transparent polycarbonate drying room, the sample is clear and intuitive, can observe the whole process of freeze-drying.
  6. Vacuum pump and host connection using the international standard KF quick connector, simple and reliable.
  7. The machine can store multiple freeze-drying curves, and use a U disk to extract data to the computer, with the host computer software in the computer to browse print and a variety of options.
  8. The company’s unique point heating curve calculation method, the temperature is more stable, no overshoot, temperature control more accurate.
  9. Equipped with an inflatable valve, can be filled with dry inert gas.
  10. Partition temperature adjustable, controllable, can be explored, pilot and production process.
  11. With manual and automatic two modes of operation, you can manually explore the new material freeze-dried curve.

Specifications of the Desktop Freeze Dryer

DW-10ND Ordinary Top-Press Ordinary Multi-Manifolds Top-Press Multi-Manifolds
Picture 1397796370531938305 1397796410214248449 1397796458461327362 1397796543685390338
No-load Temperature <-56℃ <-56℃ <-56℃ <-56℃
Freeze Area 0.12 m2 0.076 m2 0.12 m2 0.076 m2
Plate Load Capacity 1.5 L 1 L 1.5 L 1 L
Ability to Capture Water 3Kg 3 Kg 3 Kg 3 Kg
Vacuum Degree <10Pa <10Pa <10Pa <10Pa
Machine Dimension W450×D580×H(380+450) mm W450×D580×H(380+450) mm W450×D580×H(380+450) mm W450×D580×H(380+450) mm
Sample Tray Size 4×Φ200mm Ø 3×180 mm 4×Φ200mm Ø 3×180 mm
Power 950W 950W 950W 950W
Power Supply 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
interlayer spacing 70 mm 70 mm 70 mm 70 mm
Cold trap size Ø215×160 mm Ø215×160 mm Ø215×160 mm Ø215×160 mm
The number of Schering bottles Ø22: 260 Ø22: 165 Ø22: 260 Ø22: 165
Ø16: 480 Ø16: 285 Ø16: 480 Ø16: 285
Ø12: 920 Ø12: 560 Ø12: 920 Ø12: 560
N.W./ G.W 90KG/ 105KG 95KG/110KG 105KG/120KG 110KG/125KG

DW-10ND Desktop Freeze Dryer Display

DW-10ND Desktop Freeze Dryer With Heating Function System

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