In recent years, many companies have frequently increased their investment in the field of lithium batteries. So what role can Drawell XRF(X-ray fluorescence spectrometer) and XRD(X-ray diffractometer) products play in the new energy industry?

metal elements in battery

Analysis of Metal Foreign Elements with XRF

During the production of lithium batteries, it must be ensured that there are no metal elements in their materials and workshop contacts. Because even the presence of ultra-low amounts of metallic foreign elements in lithium battery materials may cause the battery to explode during use. Therefore, the analysis of metal foreign elements in the contacts and raw materials of the entire manufacturing workshop is particularly important.

Drawell handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer can quickly detect the content of metal elements in materials. A well-known domestic lithium battery manufacturer has purchased several Drawell handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometers to analyze materials and workshop contact samples to determine whether they contain iron, silver, cobalt, zinc, copper, nickel and chromium, etc. elements and their contents.

Drawell handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer(XRF)

Stability Analysis of SnSb Doped Battery Materials with XRD

Most of the anode materials used in commercial lithium-ion batteries are carbon materials. However, the development of information technology and portable electronic devices has put forward higher requirements for lithium-ion batteries, and there is an urgent need for new anode materials for lithium-ion batteries. Among them, tin and doped alloys are promising candidates to replace carbon anode materials. one.

Drawell X-ray diffractometer (XRD) was used to analyze the electrode material of a battery with excellent performance and poor performance. By comparing the two spectra, it can be seen that there is a special form of tin-antimony crystal in the electrode material with excellent performance. The tin-antimony crystals were not found in electrode materials with poor performance. If a method can be found to improve the stability of the tin-antimony crystal phase of this special form to optimize the battery material, the service life of this type of battery can be extended to a large extent.


About Drawell XRF and XRD

Drawell specializes in X-ray fluorescence spectroscopic analysis technology and X-ray diffraction analysis technology, so it can provide high-quality XRF and XRD analyzers. At the same time, after-sales service is provided too. In addition, we also have small desktop/portable X-ray diffractometers that are used for powder material identification, phase analysis, qualitative and quantitative analysis of material phases, and crystal structure analysis.

Features and Types of XRF and XRD You Can Choose in Drawell

What are the features and types of XRF in Drawell?

In Drawell, there are many types of X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer includes Handheld XRF Mineral Analyzer DW-EX7000, Handheld XRF Metal/Alloy/Stainless Steel Analyzer DW-EX 5000, Truex 800 Alloy Analyzer, Handheld XRF Truex RoHS Analyzer, Handheld XRF Gold Analyzer (Truex Gold), Handheld Mineral Analyzer (Truex 960) and so on.

What are the general features of XRF in Drawell?

Fluorescence Spectrometer? Drawell X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer is easy to carry. It has a high-speed processing chip so that it can reach faster analysis. Besides, it has a high-performance X-ray tube and super-high detection resolution. It is one touch operation so that non-technical users can easily operate by non-technical users. All XRF are done nondestructive testing. You can automatically switch it to standby mode, which helps you saving-power.

What are the features and types of XRD in Drawell?

In Drawell, there are many types of XRD. X-Ray Diffractometer includes DW-XRD-2700A Combined Multi-functional XRD X-ray Diffractometer, DW-XRD-27mini Desktop XRD X-ray Diffractometer, and DW-XRD-Y3000 Model X-Ray Diffraction Instrument.

What are the general features of XRD in Drawell?

The first feature of Drawell XRD is a wide range of applications that can meet the needs of scholars and researchers in various fields. It has a high-precision diffraction angle measurement system so you can obtain more accurate measurement results. Besides, it has a highly stable X-ray generator control system so you can obtain more stable repeat measurement accuracy. It adopts the non-destructive and non-destructive analysis methods. The most important feature is that it is easy to prepare samples.

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