Digital Viscometer is an important physical parameter to measure the resistance of liquids to flow. The measurement of viscosity is closely related to the fields of petroleum, chemical, electric power, textile, metallurgy, and national defense. It is used for industrial process control, improving product quality, and saving and developing energy. Important means. In scientific fields such as physical chemistry and fluid mechanics, viscosity measurement plays an important role in understanding fluid properties and studying flow conditions. In the medical industry, measuring the viscosity of blood and physiological fluids is the latest development of diagnostics, especially an important diagnostic method for cardiovascular diseases, cancers, tumors, and other difficult and miscellaneous diseases.

Digital Viscometer

Working principle of Digital Viscometer

After the Digital rotary viscometer is turned on, the zero position must be detected first. This operation is generally carried out without installing the rotor, and then coaxially install the inner cylinder of radius R2 in the outer cylinder of radius R1, which is filled with viscous fluid, synchronous motor Rotate at a stable speed, successively connect the scale disc, and then drive the inner cylinder (that is, the rotor) to rotate through the hairspring and the rotating shaft. The inner cylinder (that is, the rotor) is affected by the fluid-based viscous torque. The greater the effect, the hairspring will correspond to it. The greater the torque produced by the counterbalance, the larger the scale indicated by the pointer on the dial. Multiply the reading by a specific coefficient to get the dynamic viscosity of the liquid.

Components of the Digital viscometer

The viscometer consists of a stirrer, a heater, a temperature controller, a bathtub, a capillary viscosity fixture, a mercury thermometer, a lighting lamp, and a cooling fan.


The working medium in the mixing tank. Make the temperature of each point in the bathtub uniform, speed up the temperature balance, and improve the control accuracy.


The instrument uses a sealed tube heater. The heaters are divided into two groups, two in each group, and the power is 600W. One of the heaters is a temperature control heater, and the other is an auxiliary heater, which is used for accelerating the healing of the bathtub.

Temperature Controller

The instrument uses Pt100 platinum resistance as the temperature sensing element, three-wire connection system, temperature proportional adjustment control mode, resolution of 0.1 ℃, can automatically control the heater to heat the bathtub working medium, and temperature control, and display the medium temperature.

Digital Viscometer technical parameters

Under normal circumstances, viscometers can be classified into low-viscosity viscometers, medium-viscosity viscometers, and high-viscosity viscometers according to the viscosity of the measured substance. Their working principles are roughly the same, but to accurately measure the value, a more accurate viscometer is required.

Take Drawell’s NDJ-5S 20-1000000mPa·s Low Viscosity Viscometer as an example, let us look at the parameters of the digital viscometer.

At the same time, for the viscometer to have a better performance, it needs to be equipped with some equipment to make its work more efficient and outstanding. For example, the components are listed below.

Viscometer manufacturer and price

As a company, laboratory, or individual who needs to use a digital viscometer, the most concerning issue is how to buy a reliable viscometer product and whether the digital viscosity meter price is appropriate. The quality of viscometers on the market will vary due to the different materials and technologies used. For the same reason, the price of the viscometer will also vary. As laboratory equipment, of course, you need to buy a high-quality and inexpensive viscometer. I recommend the drawer’s viscometer to you.

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