The anaerobic incubator is a special device that can cultivate and operate bacteria in an anaerobic environment. It can cultivate the most difficult anaerobic organisms to grow and can avoid the danger of anaerobic organisms dying from exposure to oxygen when operating in the atmosphere. Therefore, this device is an ideal tool for anaerobic biological detection and scientific research. The device is also a good multi-purpose instrument, such as changing the operation mode, to provide good growth conditions for the growth and reproduction of microaerophilic bacteria. What are the precautions for the installation and use of anaerobic incubators?

anaerobic incubator

Anaerobic incubator installation precautions

To help you install an anaerobic incubator correctly, here are three precautions for you when you install an anaerobic incubator.

1. The whole machine should be placed in a position where the temperature difference is slight and you can efficiently operate it. It should be avoided from direct sunlight and away from heating equipment. Besides, the placement should be stable.

2. Place the mixed gas cylinder and nitrogen cylinder stably, and install the pressure-reducing valve (including pressure gauge) respectively. Placed in an appropriate location.

3. Connect the air circuit and check the air circuit. To prevent air leakage, sealant can be used at each connecting pipe if necessary.

anaerobic incubator

Precautions for the use of anaerobic incubators

When you use the anaerobic incubator, you’d better know the following eleven precautions for the anaerobic incubator.

1. The instrument should be installed in a place with clean air and small temperature change as much as possible.

2. Before starting the machine, you should be fully familiar with and understand the instructions for use of each component of the supporting instruments and meters, and master the correct use method.

3. The culture must be placed in the operating room after reaching the standard anaerobic environment.

4. In the process of using the anaerobic incubator, do not add too many items in the box, so as not to affect the temperature uniformity in the box, and do not block the circulating fan and air duct.

5. In case of failure (cause of gas stop, etc.), the anaerobic state can still be maintained for 10 or 12 hours in the operating room (if more than 10 or 12 hours, the culture should be taken out for other treatment as needed).

6. Always pay attention to whether there is air leakage in the gas path.

7. When changing the gas cylinder, pay attention to tying the trachea tightly to avoid the flow of oxygen-containing gas.

8. The vacuum pump is used as required, and the oil is regularly checked and refueled.

9. Inflammable, explosive, and corrosive items cannot be placed in the box. When using the anaerobic incubator, it is necessary to leave a cooling space outside the incubator. Otherwise, the cooling effect will be affected.

10. Stop using the products of the anaerobic incubator manufacturer, and turn off the main power button, and the power switch at the rear of the equipment.

11. When stopping use, the inside of the box should be dried. The treatment method is as follows: set the temperature of the incubator to above 40 °C, run it stably for two hours, open the box door every half hour for 10 minutes, close the box door, and then follow repeat the operation 3-5 times.

In conclusion, this article mainly introduces the precautions for the installation and use of anaerobic incubators. If you want to know more precautions about the anaerobic incubator, you can contact the anaerobic incubator manufacturer. The reason is that when your anaerobic incubator is in trouble, the anaerobic incubator manufacturer can give you more professional advice.

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