Anaerobic Incubator LAI-3T-N

The anaerobic incubator is a special device that can cultivate and operate bacteria in an anaerobic environment. It can provide a strict anaerobic state, constant temperature culture conditions, and a systematic and scientific working area. This device, can cultivate anaerobic organisms that are difficult to grow, and avoid the risk of death caused by contact with oxygen when anaerobic organisms are operating in the atmosphere, Therefore, the device is an ideal equipment for anaerobic biological detection research.

Features of Anaerobic Incubator

  1. It adopts a 7-inch large touch screen microcomputer control type, which can accurately and intuitively control the incubator temperature and other parameters. The system uses PLC as the core controller, supplemented by a high-precision temperature sensor, oxygen sensor, temperature control module, analog module, high control precision, good stability, and high safety; the humanized man-machine interface is convenient for operators to monitor the process data in real-time.
  2. With a USB interface, can store 6 months of data.
  3. The front window of the operating room is made of thick, transparent, and impact-resistant special glass panels, which can clearly observe indoor operation directly, and the latex hand is comfortable and reliable, and convenient to use.
  4. The front cover of the perspective window can be removed as a whole, which is convenient for placing larger instruments or thorough cleaning.
  5. UV Sterilizer effectively prevents bacterial contamination.
  6. Standard with lights, power socket.
  7. The operating room is equipped with a deaeration catalytic device, which uses a high-efficiency palladium catalyst and does not need frequent activation.
  8. The automatic control technology is adopted for gas replacement in the operation room, with positive and negative pressure protection. The sampling chamber has the functions of automatic vacuum pumping and automatic pressure maintenance.
  9. The unique oil bottle-type pressure relief gate design can protect the internal positive pressure, prevent air leakage, and prevent the glove from breaking due to excessive positive pressure.
  10. Equipped with leakage protection.
  11. Adopt an oil-free vacuum pump.

Specifications of the Anaerobic Incubator LAI-3T-N

Model LAI-3T-N
Time of anaerobic state formation in sampling chamber <10 minutes
Time of anaerobic state formation in operation chamber <70 minutes
Anaerobic environment maintenance time >13hrs(when no supply of mixed gas)
Temperature Range RT+3~60℃
Temperature Stability <±0.3℃
Temperature Uniformity <±1℃
The way of anaerobic formation in sampling chamber Vacuum + gas displacement (nitrogen + mixture gas)
Internal volume of incubator (L) 63L
The way of anaerobic formation in operation chamber Vacuum + gas displacement (nitrogen + mixture gas)+supplement and control of trace gas mixture
Control mode of anaerobic formation Anaerobic in the sampling room and anaerobic in the operation room are all one key automatic gas replacement
Incubator size (W×D×H)cm 42×30×50 can hold 100 pieces of 90mm plate
Interior Chamber Size (W×D×H)cm 40×33×32
Operation Chamber Size (W×D×H)cm 95×68×75
Exterior Size (W×D×H)cm 140×73×137
Package Size (W×D×H)cm 154×87×155

Anaerobic Incubator LAI-3T-N Display

Anaerobic Incubator LAI-3T-N

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