The Drawell fluorescence spectrophotometer uses the isotope source as the excitation source. It is suitable for on-site analysis or field and large-scale. The main disadvantage is that it cannot achieve the analysis accuracy of the large-scale fluorescence energy spectrum. At present, the better Drawell fluorescence spectrophotometer can analyze multiple elements including cadmium and chromium at the same time. How can you choose a suitable Drawell fluorescence spectrophotometer? What precautions should be taken when purchasing a fluorescence spectrophotometer? This article will introduce you to precautions for choosing the fluorescence spectrophotometer.

What Is a Fluorescence Spectrophotometer?

A fluorescence spectrometer, also known as a fluorescence spectrophotometer, is a qualitative and quantitative analysis instrument. Through the detection of the fluorescence spectrometer, information on the excitation spectrum, emission spectrum, quantum yield, fluorescence intensity, fluorescence lifetime, Stokes shift, fluorescence polarization, depolarization characteristics, and fluorescence quenching of the substance can be obtained. The advantage is that it is small in size and easy to carry. The main disadvantage is that it cannot achieve the analytical precision of large fluorescence spectra.

What Is the Application of a Fluorescence Spectrophotometer?

Fluorescence spectrometers are widely used in the fields of chemistry, environment, and biochemistry. A fluorescence spectrometer is a common instrument for studying drug-protein interaction. The interaction between the drug and the protein may cause changes in the drug autofluorescence spectrum, protein autofluorescence (endogenous fluorescence) spectrum, and synchronous fluorescence spectra, such as changes in fluorescence intensity and polarization, the appearance of new fluorescence peaks, etc.

F97 Series Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

How to Choose a Suitable Fluorescence Spectrophotometer?

A misunderstanding in purchasing a fluorescence spectrophotometer is very worth noting, which is to judge the level of the entire instrument based on the performance of a certain system component. This kind of overgeneralization is unscientific and highly undesirable. Because a Drawell fluorescence spectrophotometer is composed of multiple systems, the instrument can achieve the ideal use effect only when the systems are used in good cooperation. It is similar to the short board effect of the barrel principle.

After the detection requirements can be met, different configurations can be selected according to the corresponding needs. Here are 6 things to look at:

1. Look at the durability and convenience of use

You should make sure that it is easy to operate and maintain.

2. Look at the test speed

You should know how long it takes to test a piece of data, and whether it can save time.

3. Look at the friendliness of the operating software

You need to know whether the operating software is friendly, convenient, and practical.

4. Look at the after-sales service

whether the after-sales service personnel can help solve the problems that arise in the method of testing samples and the use of instruments while helping with installation and commissioning.

5. Look at the extended function

You need to check whether the purchased Drawell fluorescence spectrophotometer can be seamlessly connected with any type of Drawell test instrument to expand the morphological analysis. The upgrade broadens the range of detected elements.

6. Look at the price

You should consider whether the price of the purchased instrument is reasonable and acceptable.

The above are the points for attention about the fluorescence spectrum analyzer compiled by the Drawell spectrum instrument. We hope this post can give you some help. The Drawell instruments produced by Drawell can be widely used in new energy, semiconductors, precision electronics, environmental protection roles, geology, mines, and other industries, and at the same time meet all different testing requirements. If you need to know about Drawell instruments, you can leave a message online. Drawell has been focusing on the application research of the XRF elemental analyzer, Raman spectrometer, fluorescence spectrometer, high-precision sensor, and other instruments for many years.

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