Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer DW-200

Feature of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer DW-200

Integrated flame/graphite furnace atomization system, changeable with flame emission burner

  • Automatically controlled changeover of the integrated flame and graphite furnace atomizer featuring easy operation and time-saving eliminate human labor.
  • A flame emission burner head can be installed to perform flame emission analysis on Alkali metals such as K, Na, etc.

Accurate fully automated control system

  • Automatic 6-lamp turret, automatic adjustment of lamp current, and optimization of light beam position.
  • Automatic wavelength scanning and peak picking
  • Automatic spectral bandwidth changing
  • Automatic changeover between flame and graphite furnace operation,  automatic optimization of position parameters, automatic ignition, and automatic gas flow setting

Reliable fully automatic graphite furnace analysis

  • Adopting FUZZY-PID and dual curve mode light-controlled temperature control technique, temperature auto-correction technique, ensures fast heating, good temperature reproducibility, and high analytical sensitivity.  The temperature control accuracy is less than 1%.
  • Graphite furnace with pneumatic control and pressure lock ensures constant pressure and reliable contact.
  • The multi-function auto sampler features automatic standard sample preparation, automatic correction of sampling probe depth, automatic tracing, and correction of liquid surface height in the sample vessel, with a sampling accuracy of 1% and reproducibility of 0.3%, realizing full automation of graphite furnace analysis.

Perfect safety protection measures

  • Alarm and automatic protection to fuel gas leakage, abnormal flow, insufficient air pressure, and abnormal flame extinction in the flame system;
  • Alarm and protection function to insufficient carrier gas and protective gas pressure, insufficient cooling water supply, and overheating in a graphite furnace system.

Advanced and reliable electronic design

  • Adopting large-scale programmable logic array and Inter I2C bus technology
  • European-type sockets and AMP adapters with high reliability to ensure long-term reliability of the whole electronic system.

Easy and practical analysis software

  • Easy-to-use AAS analysis software is made under the Windows operating system, realizing fast parameter setting and optimization.
  • Automatic sample dilution, automatic curve fitting, automatic sensitivity correction.
  • Automatic calculation of sample concentration (content), mean value, standard deviation, and relative standard deviation calculation.
  • Multi-elements determination in sequence to the same sample.
  • Measured data and final results can be printed out and edited in Excel format.


Main Specification Wavelength range 190-900nm
Wavelength accuracy Better than ±0.25nm
Resolution Two spectral lines of Mn at 279.5nm and 279.8nm can be separated with the spectral bandwidth of 0.2nm and valley-peak energy ratio less than 30%.
Baseline stability 0.004A/30min
Background correction The D2 lamp background correction capability at 1A is better than 30 times.   
The S-H background correction capability at 1.8A is better than 30 times.
Light Source System Lamp turret Motorized 6-lamp turret (Two high performance HCLs can be mounted on the turret to increase the sensitivity in flame analysis.)
Lamp current adjustment Wide pulse current: 0~25mA,              Narrow pulse current: 0~10mA.                  
Lamp power supply mode 400Hz square wave pulse;
100Hz narrow square wave pulse + 400Hz wide square pulse wave.  
Optical System Monochomator Single beam, Czerny-Turner design grating monochromator
Grating 1800 l/mm
Focal length 277mm
Blazed Wavelength 250nm
Spectral Bandwidth 0.1nm, 0.2nm, 0.4nm, 1.2nm, auto switch over
Flame Atomizer Burner 10cm single slot all-titanium burner    
Spray chamber Corrosion resistant all-plastic spray chamber.
Nebulizer High efficiency glass nebulizer with metal sleeve, sucking up rate: 6-7mL/min
Emission burner provided
Graphite Furnace Temperature range Room temperature~3000ºC
Heating rate    2000℃/s
Graphite tube dimensions 28mm (L) x 8mm (OD)
Characteristic mass Cd≤0.8 ×10-12g, Cu≤5 ×10-12g, Mo≤1×10-11g
Precision Cd≤3%, Cu≤3%, Mo≤4%
Detection and Data Processing System Detector R928 photomultiplier with high sensitivity and wide spectral range.
Software Under Windows operating system
Analytical method Working curve auto-fitting; standard addition method; automatic sensitivity correction; automatic calculation of concentration and content.
Repeat times 1~99 times, automatic calculation of mean value, standard deviation and relative standard deviation.
Multi-task Functions Sequential determination of multi-elements in the same sample.
Condition reading With model function
Result printing Measurement data and final analytical report printout, editing with Excel.
Standard RS-232 serial port communication
Graphite Furnace Autosampler Sample tray capacity 55 sample vessels and 5 reagent vessels
Vessel material Polypropylene
Vessel volume 3ml for sample vessel, 20ml for reagent vessel
Minimum sampling volume 1μl
Repeatable sampling times   1~99 times
Sampling system Accurate dual pump system, with 100μl and 1ml injectors.
Characteristic Concentration and Detection Limit Air-C2H2 flame Cu: Characteristic concentration ≤ 0.025 mg/L, Detection limit≤0.006mg/L;
Function Expansion Hydride vapor generator can be connected for hydride analysis.
Dimensions and Weight Main unit 107X49x58cm, 140kg
Graphite furnace 42X42X46cm, 65kg
Autosampler 40X29X29cm, 15kg