DW-ICP-OES 8000S Direct-reading ICP-Optical Emission Spectrometer (for Metal alloy/Stainless steel)

  • A compact structure requires low laboratory space
  • Around-the-clock working with premium stability and reliability
  • Fast detection with a single test less than 30 seconds
  • Easy to use and maintain, and little professional knowledge demanded for operators
  • Original factory-set software, accurate test data, and complete alloy grades
  • Configured with standard samples to periodically calibrate the instrument
  • No chemical reagents to make the test process safe and environmental-friendly

Functions of DW-ICP-OES 8000S Direct-reading ICP-Optical Emission Spectrometer

DW-ICP-OES8000S adopts a CMOS detector with full-spectrum test technology to test all spectral lines within the wavelength range. Featuring easy configuration as well as addition of test matrix, channel, and analysis program, the instrument is compact in size, easy to maintain and good for laboratory placement. It is a general-purpose instrument for comprehensively testing elements of steel and non-ferrous metal materials.

Direct-reading spectrometer is widely used in element content analysis in iron and steel, nonferrous metal materials, which is fast, accurate, stable, and as dozens of elements are analyzed simultaneously, the instrument meets the needs of industrial research and development, process control, incoming inspection, product sorting and other aspects.

Applications of DW-ICP-OES 8000S Direct-reading ICP-Optical Emission Spectrometer

Technical Parameters of DW-ICP-OES 8000S Direct-reading ICP-Optical Emission Spectrometer

Light chamber design – Special materials to ensure that the light chamber deforms to minimum
Pasing Longge structure with diameterRoland circle being 400mm
Wavelength range134-680nm
Pixel resolution10pm
Constant temperature32.5 ±0.5°C
Concave Grating
Engraved line density2400l/mm
Primary spectral line dispersion rate1.04nm/mm
Working Conditions
Working temperature15-30 °C
Relative humidity≤70%
Power supply220±5V, single-phase 50Hz, grounding resistance <10
The laboratory is expected to have no vibration, dust, strong electromagnetic interference, strong airflow, or corrosive gas.
Excitation light source
High energy plasma spark light source technologyHigh-energy pre-sparking technology (HEPS)
Excitation Platform
3mm analysis spacing on sample platformSpray electrode technique
H435mm, L900mm, W 600mm120 kg
Maximum power1500 W
Standby power70 W
High-performance linear array CMOS
Analysis time
30 seconds or less, depending on sample type


  • Polynomial correction method to calculate the concentration ratio
  • Matrix correction
  • Intensity standardized correction
  • Material grade type re-calibration
  • Automatic correction of the interference between the spectral lines of the elements
  • Recognition of grade library
  • One-key position correction
  • One-key printing function
  • The test results are output in different formats
  • National Standard Sample Library
software in Direct-reading ICP-Optical Emission Spectrometer


  1. — High-purity argon with a purity of over 99.999%.
  2. — Alternating current UPS-1 KVA.
  3. — Spectral grinding machine for steel, nickel alloy and other samples.
  4. — Small lathes for making samples such as aluminum, copper, zinc, magnesium alloy, etc.
  5. — Air conditioner should be supplied based on the area of laboratory.

Advantages of DW-ICP-OES 8000S Direct-reading ICP-Optical Emission Spectrometer

1. Full spectrum detection of a wide range of metals and elements.

CMOS detector with full spectrum test technology, able to test all kinds of metal elements for their spectral lines, achieving multi-matrix, multi-element test easily. It is very convenient to configure and add test matrix, channel and analysis program, which facilitates fast addition of test elements and analysis program at the customer’s premise after delivery.

2. Professional Test Solutions

Drawell Instrument offers mature testing solutions to users analyzing steel and nonferrous metal materials by virtue of its long-term accumulated experience in testing technology and service. Analysis programs are based on the classification of material element content to meet various common testing requirements of users. It is calibrated by international and national standard samples, and fitted and calibrated by professional instrument software.

3. Core components supplied by top international manufacturers

Spectral dispersion part or grating is manufactured by JY, France, which guarantees excellent spectral resolution. Spectral detector or high performance CMOS is manufactured by Hamamatsu, Japan, which ensures sensitive spectral line detection and low noise.

4. Excellent light chamber vacuum system

The vacuum chamber is precisely designed and processed, with excellent airtight performance, which provides high vacuum environment for the light path. Therefore, there is no need to start vacuum pump frequently, resulting in minimum power consumption and better chances to keep the light chamber clean.

Test Examples Using DW-ICP-OES 8000S Direct-reading ICP-Optical Emission Spectrometer

1. Sample taking

Sampling can be divided into melt sampling and finished product sampling. Melt sampling injects liquid metal into a mold to solidify into a lump sample. Finished product sampling requires evaluation of the size, shape of the sample to decide whether to cut it.

2. Reference standards

GB/T 20066-2006 一 Steel and iron—Sampling and preparation of samples for the determination of the chemical composition.

GB/T 5678-2013 Method for Sampling Casting Alloys for Spectochemical Analysis.

3. Sample Pretreatment

High-hardness metals (such as steel, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys) need to be polished with a spectroscopic grinder, and low-hardness metals (such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy) should be lathed with the test surface to make it flat, smooth, and with consistent scratches.

4. Sample testing

Place the sample on the sample excitation platform, and operate on the computer software to start the test. After the test is completed, contents of all configured elements will be displayed. Each single test is usually less than 30 seconds. It is generally recommended testing the same sample three times.

5. Test Data Saving

Test results can be saved in the software database or printed directly.

Example of Test Results

Low-alloy steel

Std valu0.4992.1400.7980.0290.0210.9741.9700.8300.303
Measured value0.4912.1680.8180.0270.0190.9531.9390.8200.291
Std valu0.4690.0820.0270.1241.5300.00470. 2380.051 
Measured value0.4750.0830.0250.1271.5010.0040. 2300.055 

Stainless steel YSBS11378A-2008

Std valu0.0660.7601.1600.0300.009117.4908.2300.2050.355
Measured value0.0660.7901.1800.0270.00717.5738.1730. 1890.344
Std valu0.0610.0060.0140.0110.0210.099   
Measured value0.0590.0070.0180.0100.0290.094   

Aluminum silicon alloy E513E

Std valu12.640.2122.0700.5400.7530.0660.2160.0420.0740.0210.062
Measured value12.7150.1902.0310.5280.7370.0680.2110.0400.0780.0200.064

Low-alloy aluminum E423B

Std valu1.2800.4320.5220.2340.9110.3400.0300.0910.028
Measured value1.2610.4170.5130.2260.8930.3210.0260.0920.026

Brass 31XB21

Std valu69.679329.5000.1320.1200.1290.1070.1210.1470.0647
Measured value69.78129.4030.1210.1010.1240.1120.1340.1350.061
Zinc aluminum 43XZ4Magnesium aluminum alloy E2612
Std valu4.7603.2100.0640.0430.00240.00250.030Std valu7.1802.9900.3390.0970.0130.0870.0045
Measured vali4.7233.1680.0520.0430.00290.00210.026Measured value7.1162.9420.3590.0900.0170.0820.002

Inconel B.S.600C

Std valu0.0720.5000.39015.6209.3000.0270.0030.2000.210
Measured value0.0580.4690.41215.5599.2120.02460.0070.1820.242
Std valu0.0400.0400.0140.0220.002    
Measured value0.0430.0380.0120.0250.004