Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer DW-220A/B

Features of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer DW-220A/B DW-220A/B

Higher Reliability

  • More than 40 years of experience in AAS R&D and manufacturing
  • Aberration eliminated C-T type monochromator with stable performance
  • Modular electronic circuits are designed for easy operation and maintenance 
  • Reliable gas-liquid separators and fuel gas filter devices provide robustness even in high humid and harsh environments. 

Higher Safety

  • Intelligent feedback detection technique, real-time monitors the lamp current and protects the hollow cathode lamps.
  • Simple structure modular gas supply system provides a lower fault rate, higher safety, and reliability.
  • High-precision mass flow controllers and stable electronics in the flame systems control the fuel flow accurately. The temperature control protection system together with dual air circuit breakers in GF system, effectively prevents current overload or abnormal temperature rise.  
  • Multiple safety interlock devices and prompt information displays prevent possible dangers.

Easier to use

  • Unique light source system, with 8-lamp turret fully automatic change and optimization, supports 1 lamp working and 7 lamps preheating at the same time. 
  • Easy changing emission burner for easily ionized elements such as K, Na, etc., with linear range 3 times that of normal flame.
  • Temperature control modes in graphite furnace analysis can be switched over easily between optical control and constant voltage control, according to different elements and graphite tubes, for the best results and to extend the lifetime of graphite tubes. 
  • One-click automatic optimization, easy analytical condition setting, and expert database support, for easy operation with no worries.

Fewer Faults

  • Hamamatsu’s high-performance PMT as the detector.
  • Molding PPS spray chamber has high chemical stability, withstanding high temperature and strong acids, etc..  
  • The communication system is based on the mature bussing technique. It improves anti-jamming capability and data transmission reliability. 

Specifications of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer DW-220A/B DW-220A/B

Wavelength Range 190nm ~ 900nm
Light Source 8-lamp turret automatically rotates and aligns
2 positions for High performance lamp.
8-lamp power on and multiple lamp preheat at the same time.
Lamp current range: 0~15mA
Power Supply Main Unit for model A:Single phase AC, 110V/220V,max power consumption: 0.2kVA
Main Unit for model B:Single phase AC, 110V/220V,max power consumption: 0.15kVA
GF Power Supply for model A:Single phase AC, 220V,max power consumption: 5.5kVA
Dimensions & Weight Main Unit for Type A:1020mm(L)×530mm(W)×500mm(H),85kg
Main Unit for Type B:1020mm(L)×530mm(W)×500mm(H),80kg
GF Power Supply for Type A:350mm(L)×490mm(W)×430mm(H),40kg

Optical System

  • Czerny-Turner monochromator
  • Diffraction Grating: Groove 1800lines/mm, blaze wavelength 250nm
  • Focal Length:277mm
  • Spectral Bandwidth: 0.1nm, 0.2nm, 0.4nm, 0.8nm, 1.6nm
  • automatically change(Model A)
  • 0.1nm, 0.2nm, 0.4nm, and 1.2nm automatically change(Model B)
  • Automatic peak-picking, automatic spectral bandwidth setting, automatic energy, and wavelength optimization.

Flame System

  • 10cm Ti burner head for air-acetylene flame, emission burner provided.
  • Burner head height and horizontal position automatic adjustment, with burner angle rotatable. (Model A)
  • Burner head height push-button adjustable and horizontal position manually adjusted, with burner angle rotatable. (Model B)
  • Direct forming spray chamber with corrosion-resistant material PPS
  • Automatic ignition with high precision mass flow control system, realizing fully automated fuel gas flow control an adjustment. 

Graphite Furnace System(Type A)

  • Longitudinal heating GF system with temperature up to 3000℃, a heating rate of more than 2500℃/s.
  • Two temperature control modes are selectable: optical and constant voltage. Both slope and stepped temperature programming are available.
  • Fully automatic GF height and horizontal position setting and optimization.
  • Inner gas, external gas, and make-up gas are controlled separately. A circulating water and gas flow monitoring system is equipped.
  • Different types of graphite tubes can be used. 

Safety Protection

  • Full package of safety protection measures, with hardware and software dual alarm system.
  • Real-time monitoring for flame condition and air pressure etc., with automatic flame shutting down, gas supply cutting off, and activating alarm when abnormal detected, such as ignition failure, fuel gas leakage, flow control error, etc.
  • Real-time monitoring for GF conditions and heating program etc., with automatic power cut-off and alarm when abnormality detected, such as water and gas control errors, graphite tube installation mistakes, temperature control problems, etc.

Background Correction

  • D2 lamp background correction, with correction ability more than 30 times.
  • S-H background correction, with correction ability more than 30 times.

Software and Communication

  • Intelligent operation software is compatible to WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win10.
  • One-key operation for instrument optimization, supporting multi-task analysis.
  • Automatic curve fitting, automatic re-slope, automatic concentration calculation, etc.
  • Repeat measure 1~99 times, automatic calculation of Average Value, Standard Deviation, RSD, etc..
  • Standard USB communication port.