DW-XRD-Y3000 Model X-Ray Diffraction Instrument

  • Y3000 Series diffractometer is designed for materials research and industrial products analysis. It is the perfect combination of conventional analysis with special-purpose measurement products.
  • The perfect combination of hardware and software systems meets the needs of academics and researchers in different application areas.
  • High precision diffraction angle measurement system obtains more accurate results
  • High stability of the X-ray generator control system gets more stable repeatability precision Programmable operation, integrated structure design, easy operation, elegant outlook.

X-ray Diffraction (XRD) is a versatile test instrument to reveal the crystal structure and chemical information:

● Unkown samples in a variety of phase identification

● Mixed samples with known quantitative phase analysis

● Crystal structure analysis

● Crystal structure changes under Unconventional conditions (high temperature, low-temperature conditions)

● Analysis of material surface film

● Analysis of metal material texture and stress

● Analysis of metal material texture and stress

DW-XRD-Y3000 Model X-Ray Diffraction Instrument
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Technique parameter of DW-XRD-Y300 XRD


Rated power


Tube voltage


Tube current


X-ray tuble

glass tube, ceramic tube, ripple ceramic tube: Cu, Fe, Co, Cr, Mo etc, Power 2kW

Focus size

1 x 10mm or 0.4 x 14mm or 2 x 12mm



Goniometer structure

Horizontal ( θ-2 θ)

Radius of diffraction


Scanning range


Scanning speed

0.0012° – 70° min

Max. revolving speed

100° /min

Scanning fashion

θ-2θ linkage, θ、2θ single action; continuous or stepping scanning

Angle repeatable accuracy


Minimal stepping angle



proportional counters(PC) or scintillation counters(SC)

Maximal counting rate of linearity

5 x 105CPS ( with the compensate function of drop out counting )

Energy resolution ratio

≤25% (PC)、≤50% (SC)

Counting fashion

differential coefficient or integral, PHA automatically, Dead time regulate

Stability of system measure


Scattered rays dose

≤1 μ Sv/h ( without X-ray protective device )

Instrument integrative stability


Figure size

1100 x 850 x 1750mm

DW-XRD-Y3000 Model X-Ray Diffraction Instrument

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