DW-XRD-27mini Desktop XRD X-ray Diffractometer Technical Solution

It is designed for commercial processes and quality control. It is a concentration of advanced technology of XRD production, with multi-function and miniaturization. It can do qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, and crystal structure analysis on metal and nonmetal samples, especially for catalyst, titanium dioxide, cement, and pharmacy industries.

DW-27mini XRD Geometrical Optical Diagram

Drawings of XRD Geometrical optical diagram

DW-XRD-27mini Desktop XRD Details

DW-27mini XRD details

Advantages of DW-XRD-27mini Desktop XRD X-ray Diffractometer

  • More stable

High frequency high voltage X-ray generator guarantees the stability and repeatability of the data.

  • More advanced

Goniometer θs, θd arm adopts servo motor drive and optical encoder control technology. Within the diffraction angle range, the diffraction linearity <0.02. What’s more, DW-27mini XRD adopts the most advanced metal ceramic X-ray tube, it has a long service life (3000 hours).

  • Safer

when XRD is measuring sample, the protective doors are automatically locked to avoid radiation.

  • More convenient

The compact structure can installed onto the platform without a special laboratory environment.


Application of DW-XRD-27mini Desktop XRD

Polycrystalline material

DW-XRD-27mini Desktop XRD X-ray Diffractometer

Content measuring of asbestos in mixture by DW-27mini                   

Content measuring of asbestos in mixture by DW-27mini

During quantitative analysis, it can describe the characteristics of the solid mixture, so that to confirm the relative content of the crystalline compounds or un-crystallized phase.

Nucleotide analog medicine structure analysis by DW-27mini

Nucleotide analog medicine structure analysis by DW-27mini

During qualitative analysis, it will identify the unknown structure by comparing the measuring data with the known phase database.

Parameters of DW-XRD-27mini Desktop XRD

Service rating(Tube voltage, tube current)

600W(40kV,15mA)  Stability:0.005%

X-ray tube

Metal-ceramic X-ray tube, Cu target, Power 2.4kW, Focus size:1 x 10 mm;Air cooling or water cooling(water flow rate>1L/min)


θs-θd , diffraction radius 150mm

Measuring method

Continuous, stepping, Omg

Angular measurement range

Druing leakage time, θs/θd is -3°~150°.  

Minimum step width


Angular reproducibility


Drive mode

servo motor drive + optical encoder control technology

Angle Positioning speed



Closed Proportional detector

 Energy spectrum resolution


Max. linear counting rate



Dell laptop

Soft ware

Controlling software

Windows 10 operating system; control the tube voltage, tube current, shutter of the X-ray generator and do aging training automatically; Control the goniometer continuous or stepping scanning and diffraction data collection; do routine processing: automatic peak-seeking, manual peaking-seeking, integrated intensity, peak height, core, background deduction, smoothness, Peak shape amplification and spectrogram comparation, etc.

Data processing software

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of material phases , Kα1 ,α2 peeling, Full spectrum fitting, peak fitting, half-width and grain size calculation, crystal cell measuring, second kind stress calculation, diffraction line indexation, multiple plotting, 3D plotting, diffraction data calibration, background subtraction, quantitative analysis without standards, full spectral image fitting (WPF), XRD diffraction image simulation, etc.

Scattered radiation protection

Lead+ lead glass protection, shutter windows and protective guard linkage, the scattered radiation dose not exceeding 1μSv/h.

Instrument Comprehensive regulation


Overall dimension


Standard Configuration List of DW-27mini XRD

Part Element Name Unit Qty Remark
X-ray high-voltage generator ①XRD40*600 high-frequency high-voltage generator X-ray generator set 1 Solid technology
②X27.06 high voltage cable(100kVP) piece 1 Length:2.0 meter
③3311 pipe sleeve set 1
④X25.02 stage(Metal shell) piece 1 Lead+ lead glass protection
⑤AS2910/24 Metal ceramic insulation X-ray tube piece 1 Cu target, 2.4kW
Goniometer System ①AG-3511 goniometer set 1 θ-θ structure
② Slit and powder sample holder piece 1 1 set for each
③ Through-hole sample plate piece 5 Aluminium matrix
④ Blind-hole sample plate piece 10 Quartz matrix
⑤ Filter piece 1 Match with target material
⑥ Slit Plate and Lighting System Adjustment Accessories set 1
Recording and controlling system ①Closed proportional detector set 1 Including connecting cable
②Recording and controlling unit set 1
③Motor and communication cable piece 1 2 motor cables, 1 communication cable
④Power supply unit set 1
PC system ①DELL Business notebook set 1 DELL
System Control and Applicable Software ①DW Series Diffractometer Control Program Software Set 1 Windows10
②Crystal Structure Data Base set 1 ICSD
Technical documents ①DW series XRD user manual copy 1
②Data Process and Application Software User Manual copy 1
Spare parts ①Fuses 1、1.5、2、2.5、3、3+(A) piece 10 10 pieces for each
②Tools set 1
③Agate Mortar ф100mm piece 1

Additional Attachments of DW-27mini XRD

1D Silicon strip based fast detector1 set
Graphite monochromator1 set
DW27mini 1D Silicon strip based fast detector

1D Silicon strip based fast detector(Model:MYTHEN2 R 1D;Made in Switzerland)

The MYTHEN2 R 1D fits 640 strips into an extremely compact housing and provides surprisingly affordable access to DECTRIS’ HPC technology. The combination of 4 mm strip length and 320 μm sensor thickness allows for fast and accurate measurements with Ti radiation in a laboratory X-ray instrument thanks to MYTHEN2’s excellent signal-to-noise ratio. With 8 mm strip length und 450 µm sensor thickness, the MYTHEN2 is an ideal match for Cu sources, but can also be applied at other X-ray energies.

HPC technology packed in a symmetric design of the MYTHEN2 R 1D, its media-free operation and CE-certificate make it the perfect choice for portable diffractometers, robots for stress measurements, XRD benchtop systems and wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence instruments.

Graphite monochromator of DW-27mini XRD

Graphite monochromator

Improve the ratio between diffraction peak and background.

Improve the identification ability of trace phase.

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