DW-K960 Gradient PCR Thermal Cycler

By providing accurate temperature control and three steps of denaturation, annealing, and extension, the PCR amplification instrument can realize the continuous amplification of genes and achieve the purpose of PCR qualitative analysis. It is widely used in scientific research, teaching demonstration, inspection, and quarantine institutions.

Features of DW-K960 Gradient PCR Thermal Cycler

  1. Convenient and flexible module replacement mode.
  2. Large size super-high-definition LCD.
  3. An intuitive, friendly user interface makes the program easier and faster.
  4. Memory function in case of power-down.
  5. Low noise, low energy consumption, and long application life.
  6. Solemn, elegant appearance, innovative.
  7. Unique rotating stall heat-regulating.
  8. Optimal panel design for human, more convenient operation.
  9. The heated lid could be stopped at any angle.
  10. Handle-module, more secure and convenient module replacement, improving using efficiency and expanding using years.

Specifications of the Product

Model K960-A;K960-B;K960-C;K960-D  
Capacity 96×0.2mL(A);54×0.5mL(B); 96×0.2mL+77×0.5ml(C);384well(D)
Temp range 0℃—99.9℃(Rt≤30℃)
Max cooling rate   ≥3.5 Celsius degree/s
Max heating rate ≥4.0 Celsius degree/s
Heating/cooling rate 0.1℃/s—4 Celsius degree/s(Adjustable)
Uniformity ≤±0.2 Celsius degree
Accuracy ≤±0.1 Celsius degree
Gradient temp range 30℃—99 Celsius degree
Gradient spread 1℃—30 Celsius degree
Gradient Uniformity ≤0.2 Celsius degree
Heated lid temp 30℃—110 Celsius degree
Environment model Manually select
Temp control block,tube,calculated
Stored program No. 200
Max. No. of Cycle 99
Display 5.7inch,320*240pels LCD
Communication USB2.0 、 Rs232
Size 380mm(L)×270mm(W)×250mm(H)
 Weight 7.2kg
110V-220V international general voltage

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DW-K960 Gradient PCR Thermal Cycler

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