Desktop X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (XRF)

What is Desktop X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (XRF)?

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) uses X-rays and fluorescence technology. When primary X-rays are irradiated on the sample to be tested, the secondary X-rays generated are called X-ray fluorescence. The composition and energy of the substance are analyzed by analyzing the wavelength and energy of the fluorescence.

The High-Performance Desktop XRF is equipped with globally advanced analysis technology, an intelligent vacuum system, and developed electronic technology. Combined with a low-energy tube vacuum system and low background technology. It efficiently reduces testing interference and improves energy resolution of Mg, Al, Si P, and other light elements in geology and minerals, and accordingly an ideal choice for quality control in large and middle-scaled enterprises.

Drawell provides you with two types of XRFHandheld XRF and Desktop XRF.

Features of Desktop XRF

  1. High precision, fast testing speed, easy operation, etc.
  2. Bear several testing analysis modes, including alloy soil precious, and RoHS.
  3. Testing samples can be solids, liquids, and powders.
  4. Highly efficient super-thin window-ray light tube, which is specially developed for mineral testing, reaches the international advanced level.
  5. Automatic switch of collimator and filter according to different samples, eliminating the troublesome manual operation.
  6. Software protection: Automatic shut-down of software program when opening the cover during testing.
  7. Principle of Wavelength Dispersive Spectroscopy.
Desktop XRF (DW-NP-5010)

Specifications of Desktop XRF

Type Picture Model Main Application
Desktop XRF DW-HM-5000 DW-HM-5000 Multifunctional Portable Heavy Metal Analyzer
DW-EDX3000 DW-EDX3000 Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer, for all precious metals in gold jewelries
DW-EDX3600H DW-EDX3600H Mineral analyzer(light elements)Na to U
DW-EDX 800 DW-EDX 800 Gold XRFAnalyzer (Au,Zm,Cu,Ni,Zn in gold jewelries)
DW-WDX200 DW-WDX200 Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer, for cement testing instrument
DW-NP-5010 DW-NP-5010 Energy Dispersion X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer, any element from Na(11)-U(92)

Applications of Desktop XRF

XRF mental analyzer
Applications of XRF
  1. Environmental protection: analysis of heavy metals in soil; analysis of harmful metals in paints, paints, pigments, and plastics
  2. Metal identification, scrap metal classification
  3. Petrochemical industry, catalyst, and additive element analysis
  4. QC/QA in metal production, casting, etc.
  5. Pharmaceutical Biomedicine
  6. Geological and mineral fields: mines, ore analysis, mineral analysis, beneficiation process control
  7. Material field: component analysis and quality control of refractory materials, glass, ceramics, cement, etc.

Different Applications of Spectrophotometer

Application Spectrophotometer Type Picture Model
Gold in Ore, Metallurgy.
Geology, Mining, Petroleum.
Cement, Soil, Medicine, etc.
AAS DW-AA320NR Atomic Absorption Spectrophotomete DW-AA320N
Alloy, Mineral, Precious Metal, RoHS, Catalyst etc. XRF Desktop XRF (DW-NP-5010) DW-NP-5010
Product-EDX3600H EDX3600H
xrf truex 900 TrueX 900
DW-EDX 800 EDX800
MaterialsAnalysis, Geology,
Petrochemicals, Biology, Cement, Soil, Cosmetics, Food, etc.
ICP-AES icp2 DW-TY-9900
Foundry, Steel, Metal Recovery, Smelting, MilitaryAerospace, etc. Full Spectrum Direct Reading Spectrometer ty-9000 DW-TY9000

How to Choose the Desktop XRF Model?

The user needs to provide the application field used, what is the sample to be tested, what elements need to be detected, what is the detection level, ppm or ppb, and so on. Then we will recommend the appropriate product model.

Order Process of Desktop XRF


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