What are biochemical incubators and their applications?

Biochemical incubator has a two-way temperature adjustment system for cooling and heating. Besides, this biochemical incubator can control the temperature. It is widely used in low-temperature and constant-temperature tests, culture tests, environmental tests, etc.

Applications of biochemical incubators

The biochemical incubator controller circuit consists of a temperature sensor, a voltage comparator, and a control execution circuit. This biochemical incubator is equipped with electric heating wire heating and compressor cooling at the same time. Therefore, it can adapt to a large range and can be maintained at a constant temperature throughout the year, so it is gradually popularized. The maintenance of the biochemical incubator and the uses of the biochemical incubator are similar to electric heating incubators. Since there is a compressor installed in the biochemical incubator, you must also observe the precautions for refrigerator maintenance, such as keeping the voltage stable, not tilting it excessively, and cleaning the dust on the radiator in time.

What are the characteristics of the chemical incubator?

The different types of biochemical incubators have different features. Here are 8 common features of the biochemical incubator.

  1. The inner tank is made of high-quality mirror-surface stainless steel. the box of the biochemical incubator is made of a high-quality steel plate, with semi-circular arcs at the four corners, which is easy to clean. In addition, the distance between the partitions in the box is adjustable.
  2. The LCD screen displays multiple sets of data on one screen, which is easy to understand and easy to observe, and operate. The biochemical incubator’s operation is simple and the temperature control accuracy is higher than the original digital meter.
  3. The biochemical is equipped with the most advanced fuzzy PID intelligent temperature controller in the world, with small fluctuation and timing functions (0-9999min).
  4. The biochemical incubator is equipped with spare temperature control and leakage protection to ensure the safe operation of the experiment without accidents.
  5. With 4-20mA standard current signal, RS485 connector to connect the computer and printer, temperature and time data can be displayed on the computer and printed.
  6. Unique stainless steel circulating air duct, forced air circulation, uniform temperature.
  7. Digital microcomputer temperature controller with timing function keys, accurate and reliable temperature control.
  8. The glass observation window is adapted for easy and clear observation.
biochemical incubator

What is the structure of the biochemical incubator?

The biochemical incubator consists of 5 main parts: the box body, the temperature control system, the high and low-temperature conversion system, the gas circulation system, and the lighting system.

1. Box of the biochemical incubator

It consists of a studio, box shell, box door, etc. The shell of the box is generally sprayed with a steel plate surface, and the box door is equipped with a large-area double-glazed observation window. The studio is generally made of mirror stainless steel, and the four corners of the semi-circular arc are easy to clean. The interior is made of stainless steel wire shelves. The height level is adjustable. The polyurethane foam board is filled between the shell and the working room as a thermal insulation layer to ensure the temperature in the working room. The joint between the working chamber and the box door is equipped with a magnetic sealing ring, which is used to ensure the tightness and heat preservation of the working chamber.

2. Temperature control system of the biochemical incubator

It consists of a temperature controller, a temperature sensor, and an over-temperature protection system. The temperature controller is designed with a deviation alarm function, which can be adjusted according to needs, and the parameters of the deviation alarm can be set by themselves. An overheat protector is connected in series in the electric heater circuit. If the over-temperature protection function of the instrument fails, the temperature in the workroom increases to about 70 ℃, the overheat protector is automatically disconnected to avoid dangerous situations.

3. High and low-temperature conversion system of the BOD incubator

It consists of a heating system and a cooling system. The heater and evaporator are at the back of the working room, and their working state is controlled by the temperature control system. Besides, the gas circulation system transmits cold and heat to the working room to keep the temperature of the working room stable.

4. Gas circulation system of the biochemical incubator

It is composed of a high-speed circulating fan and air duct. The gas circulation system of the biochemical incubator can ensure that the air in the working room is fully circulated so that the temperature of the working room can be uniform and stable.

5. Lighting system of the biochemical incubator

It consists of a door control switch, an 8W fluorescent tube, electronic ballast, and so on. The lighting system of the biochemical incubator is easy to operate, easy to access items, and observe the experimental items.

How do biochemical incubators work?

The primary components of the biochemical incubator are the heating, cooling, humidification, feedback system, and control system. The principle is shown in the figure below. It mainly uses a thermal resistance wire and compressor to adjust the temperature up and down to achieve temperature control and uses a humidifier to adjust humidity to achieve humidity control.

Working principle flow chart of BOD incubators

What are the mainstream brands of biochemical incubators?

In the world, there are many brands of biochemical incubators. The first brand of the biochemical incubator is a china brand that is Drawell. The other brands of the biochemical incubator are Hettich, Binder, Memmert, Panasonic, ESCO, Yamato, Wiggens, IRM, PHCbi and Hengzi, and so on.

In conclusion, there is a basic statement of the biochemical incubator. If you want to know more about the parameters of biochemical incubators or other products, you can view them on our website -drawellanalytical.com.

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