DW-LBI Biochemical (BOD) Incubator

Biochemical Incubator is applicable in research institutes, university laboratories, environmental protection, forestry and animal husbandry industries for culture preservation, bacteria, and microbes.

Features of DW-LBI Biochemical Incubator

  1. Imported compressor, automatic control for hot and cold.
  2. Microprocessor temperature control with large LCD display, high precision.
  3. Polished stainless steel chamber,moveable shelves can be freely adjusted, easy for cleaning. 
  4. Equipped with power supply outlet and lamp inside,easy observation.
  5. The chamber equipped with fan for forced convection.
  6. The surface coated, good appearance and maintenance.
  7. Double door design, tempered glass inner door for easy observation, magnetic sealing design for outer door.
  8. Equipped with leakage protection.
  9. Equipped with spare temperature control which ensures the product work normally even the main temperature control failed (for heating).
  10. RS485 connector to connect computer and printer, temperature and time data can be displayed on computer and print.
LBI-150 Biochemical Incubator

Optional Parts

  1. Multi-segment programmable control
  2. Built-in printer
  3. Φ25mm(50mm)test hole
  4. RS485/232 connector
  5. Wireless alarm system (SMS alarm system)

Specifications of DW-LBI Biochemical Incubator

Chamber Volume 80L150L200L250L300L400L
Temperature Range0~60 ℃
Display Resolution0.1 ℃
Temperature StabilityHeating:±0.5℃;Cooling:±1℃
Temperature Uniformity±1℃
Timing Range1~9999min
Power Rating(W)180250300350400550
Power Supply220±10%V   50Hz
Continuous OperationLong continuous operation
Chamber Size(W×D×H)cm40×37×5545×42×8545×45×10048×49×10752×50×11758×54×127
Exterior Size(W×D×H)cm54×57×10759×62×13759×64×15262×68×15966×69×16972×74×179
Package Size (W×D×H)cm70×73×12675×78×15675×80×17178×84×17882×85×18888×90×198
Net/Gross Weight(kg)50/8590/12095/138103/147115/157135/170

DW-LBI Biochemical Incubator Display